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Literature is GREAT - Part 1

Shakespeare, Dickens and more... Britain's literary history is world class, and Richard speaks to experts about some of the country's greatest writers.

Tarea 1

Which of these things does Richard do?


Tarea 2

Which sentences are true?


Task 3

Make sentences from the video by putting the words in the correct order.


Tarea 4

Use must/can/might + present tense for present possibilities, and must/might/can + have + past participle to talk about possibility in the past. Use the negative if you need it.





Hello LearnEnglish Team,

Thank you for the great job you are doing!
I just wonder if the video-related tasks in PDF format were removed from some "Listen&Watch" sections or if it is just a temporary technical problem. Here (Literarture is Great), for instance, the tasks in PDF do not appear.
Hope this problem can be solved :)

Best of luck to the whole team!

Hello Ludmilsybilla,

At the moment we are busy with the new layout and functionality of the site but it is possible that the pdf versions of the tasks will return in the future.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello sir,

why Julia start answered to Richard with ''So''.
what is mean by the glove is a recreation of Shakespeare's theatre.

I remember when I was in secondary school I spent lots of time reading. I was one of those kids who wear glasses and always have a book in their hands. I can't imagine how I would grow if there was no book. I could end up being a different version of me, and roaming in another universe. Books told me so many things. They let me see the world through other people's eye and made me learn about myself. They helped me get to today's place which I might never be able to reach by my own strength.

Some of the British writers I know are Jane Austen who wrote Pride and Prejudice, Conan Doyle who created the fantastic detective Sherlock Holmes, and Agatha Christie who planned so many murders than solved them all.

And there are so many great Chinese writers I like. The whole generation of authors, including Lu Xun, Hu Shi, Xu Zhimo, and Zhang Ailing who came under the spotlight after the New Culture Movement flourished with great literature and creativity. It was a time of bursting talent.

Thank you LearnEnglish Team with these kind of discussion I motivate myself to learn more with these kind of topic because I don’t like reading. William Shakespeare is the most popular writer I know and in my country is Dr. Jose Rizal.

I'm hearing from video and watching transcript "We do about 300 performances every year, about 1,500 people attend every performance ". What I hear is "500 people attend ". Transcript is wrong?

Hello lamth,

The transcript is correct here but the speaker (Dominic) uses an alternative way of saying the number. Instead of the more common 'one thousand five hundred' he says 'fifteen hundred'. This is a correct form in English, though less common than the alternative.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Why cannot I watch it??? There is a black rectangular instead of the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Help me

Oh, my goodness. I loved this video! I think both English and Spanish literature are great. Well... all literature is amazing, no matter where it comes from! :)

Thanks for video,briefly and expressive. William Shakespeare is an actual playwriter in all the times. Yeh, that man was absolutely right the Love,Jealousy, Betrayal, Honesty - are themes for human life once and ever .