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Literature is GREAT - Part 1

Shakespeare, Dickens and more... Britain's literary history is world class, and Richard speaks to experts about some of the country's greatest writers.

Tarea 1

Which of these things does Richard do?


Tarea 2

Which sentences are true?


Task 3

Make sentences from the video by putting the words in the correct order.


Tarea 4

Use must/can/might + present tense for present possibilities, and must/might/can + have + past participle to talk about possibility in the past. Use the negative if you need it.





Shakespeare's plays teach us to be kind,to have great love to life, to be strong and other high
feelings ...
Thank you Great Shakespeare for your Great work!

How interesting !!! I like English literature. and I studied some of Charles Dickens 's novels at college and also the bard works, William Shakespear's plays such as midsummer night dream and Macbeth. Thanks so much for your efforts.

I have some problems in seeing the exercise

Hello denise_n,

What kind of problems do you have?  Do you see nothing where the exercise should be, or do you see the exercise but not as it should be?  It may be that your browser is not flash-compatible, expecially if you are using a mobile device, and this may cause the problems.  Please let us know what kind of device you are using and what exactly you see on the page and we'll try to help you.

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The LearnEnglish Team

I love English literature, thank you in advance

Hi.I am looking the transcript and I want to know what the meaning of "a beautiful frons scenae" might be?  Thank you in advance!

so interesting i like it so much

It's amazing ,I love  English literature which I studied in college

i cant watch the video, how can i watch? please help me

I'm sorry to hear that. Can you please give a little more information? Can you see videos if you visit this page? Also, what web browser are you using? Are you able to try another computer to check if it has the same problem?
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