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Literature is GREAT - Part 2

Modern-day authors cast their own spells, too, and Richard visits a very magical place to find out about contemporary English writers.

Tarea 1

Which is the best summary of the video?


Tarea 2

Watch the video again, and choose the best answer.


Task 3

Drag and drop the words to complete the sentences.


Tarea 4

Complete the paragraph about Philip Pullman by typing the missing words into the spaces.




Nivel de idioma

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


Harry Potter books are very populare becouse they have wonderful imagination and sense.I read some parts of Harry Potter,but i watched all parts of famouse film...I think i can write a novel,but i need a pan...

From my point of view, Ken Follett is one of the greatest English storytellers. Breathtaking work.

And not even a word about Virginia Woolf; if that is not a writer who makes British literature great, not just well-known, then ...? Anyway, I love her novels, and you really have many good writers. Thanks again for the wonderful work you do.

My daughter is a great fun of Harry Potter. She read it and watched the film many times. I was inspired by her to watch the film. It attracts not only children but adults as well. My family always talk going to Britain to see the place where Harry Potter was filmed like Leadenhall Market.