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Sport is GREAT - Part 1

Whatever your taste, Britain is home to some of the greatest sports – and sporting venues – in the world. Watch the video and go behind the scenes at Silverstone Circuit, home of F1, and Wembley Stadium, temple of football!

Tarea 1

Which of these things does Richard do?


Tarea 2

Fill the gaps with words from the video.


Task 3

Make sentences from the video by reordering the words.


Tarea 4

Choose three words that can go in the gaps.




Nivel de idioma

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


hi , may I ask you what is the meaning of ( have got ) in this sentence ?
I think you have got to
come to Silverstone. thanks a lot

thank you very much kirk you and all learning English team are very kind and helpful.

My Favourite sport is swimming. because while swimming swimmers all major muscle strain. At swimmers beautiful figure. Swimming is an international sport. I love to swim in the sea in summer.

My favorite sport is skating because this sport makes people strong and health. I prefer to play sports, it's very interesting. I don't like football but it is very popular in Russia . It's a national sport . Russians love football.

Interesting your comment because you don't like football but your country likes. In Brazil is very popular and I like.

My favorite sport is volleyball. I like that the game involved two teams, as in many sports ball games. But special distinction, for example, football is a team that plays as one. There is such a large field, so the players the team can at any time to support you.

My favourite sport is chess. because:
1)chess teachs to be accurate.
2)chess teachs to be patient.
3)chess teachs to be competitive but it takes a lot of time.
As for me I prefer to play sports, it's more exciting. Football is very popular in Russia despite our football team doesn't win. I'm not a football fan.

My favorite sport is football soccer difficult to play. Russians love football because it is energetic and impressive. I like to play football because it is a national sport. Likes to play volleyball is an amazing sport and interesting

My favorite sport is football because this game requires constant attention and readiness. So what I do in the gym where you can develop your body muscles. In Russia, the Russian football as a national sport, rossian appreciate him for his cruelty and courage.