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English is GREAT - Part 1

The story of English starts more than a thousand years ago. Richard goes to the British Library to hear – and see – how the language has changed over the years.

Tarea 1

Which of these things do Richard and Roger discuss at the British Library?


Tarea 2

Type in the missing words or numbers.


Task 3

Can you turn these SMS messages into correct English?


Tarea 4

Choose the best phrasal verb to complete the sentence.




Nivel de idioma

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


i can't see anything

Hello thu_nguyen!
We had some problems with LearnEnglish yesterday, but we think we have solved now - let us know if you have any more problems.

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Jeremy Bee
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Be cool guys , everything Will be alright

I would like to say this is good oportunities to improve knowledge of English language. I want to ask somebody who knows is there chat in english on this web site?

Hello! this's the first time i use this web, but i can't see the video, i don't know why, please help me, now i'm using google chrome.

Hello Monica 2708!

I'm sorry to hear you're having problems. I can see the video OK with Chrome, so can you give me a bit more information?

  • What computer or phone are you using?
  • What do you see where the videos and tasks should appear? Nothing, or is there a message?
  • Have you tried any other web pages on LearnEnglish?
  • Do you still have the same problem if you use a different computer?

Also, we know some users do have issues, and we are working on alternatives. Please go to our new episodes of Word on the Street – say, Shakespeare - and try the link that says “Can't see video? Click here!”. Let me know if you can see that video OK.
Let's see if we can sort out your issue!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team


Maybe it's just because of your internet connection or maybe you don't have applicable website connection try to install the Shokwave Plus.

Hi guys! I'm new user of this website! I hope to improve my English! But, i don't know how to use this site) If it possible please help me, i will appreciate))

hey guys
how can i download this video
as am mp3 ...i really like it
any one can help me
i will appreciate it
thank you 

Hello Kalayar!
I'm glad you like the videos! Unfortunately, these videos aren't available for download at the moment for copyright reasons. You can, however, download the exercises – just click on the download button underneath the video.
If you want to download things to listen to offline, try our Elementary Podcasts or some of our stories – you can download those mp3s!
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