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English is GREAT - Part 1

The story of English starts more than a thousand years ago. Richard goes to the British Library to hear – and see – how the language has changed over the years.

Tarea 1

Which of these things do Richard and Roger discuss at the British Library?


Tarea 2

Type in the missing words or numbers.


Task 3

Can you turn these SMS messages into correct English?


Tarea 4

Choose the best phrasal verb to complete the sentence.




Nivel de idioma

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


Hello! I'm new in this site and very glad to join our circumstances.Now i  listen this video and it's very difficult to understand it.Please help me.

Hello maryusa!
Remember, you can try looking at the transcripts to help when you listen, but don't worry if you find these videos a bit difficult - they are quite high level, and richard and his interviewees all talk quite fast! We have lots of other material on the website. Why not try our Elementary Podcasts or our radio soap opera, Big City Small World? Come back to Britain is Great when you feel ready!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi , Task 3 very difficult for me because I never send SMS in English. 


Hello Patricia and nurlanmaharramov!

I'm sorry, but these videos aren't available for download at the moment. You can, however, download the exercises – just click on the download button underneath the video.
If you want to download things to listen to offline, try our Elementary Podcasts or some of our stories – you can download those mp3s. You could even try some of our iPhone and Android apps!
Best Wishes
Jeremy Bee
The Learn English Team

Is it possible to download the video?

i just can't see them. living in china is like in another planet. it ' s so hard to access to something outside our world.God help me.

Hello admalsp!

We know some of our users do have difficulties seeing our videos - try not to let it get you down! We don't have an answer for these Britain is Great videos at the moment, but we are trying a new solution.
If you go to our recent Word on the Street video series - for example, Flathunting – underneath the main video you will see a link that says 'Can't see video? Click here!'. Please give it a try, and let us know how it works – that way, we can move more of our videos to the new system. There's lots of other material, like our Elementary Podcasts, that are available to everyone!
The LearnEnglish Team

 if i find vedios with a link that says 'Can't see video? Click here',it is my blessing.i can enjoy any i wish that you could link a link to every great vedio.then many thousands of chinese can watch them.i know it depends on your hard work.and our joy of learning about english cultures depends on your hard work.
thank you.

Thanks for letting us know the link works for you, adamlsp!

Asd I said, we're working on adding more videos to the system, so please be patient. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the site!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team