Richard finds out about all the different kinds of English and talks to some of the hundreds of thousands of students who come to Great Britain to learn English every year.

Task 1

Order the events in the video.


Task 2

Choose the right answer.


Task 3

Put the right word in each space to complete the sentences.


Task 4

Be careful - not all adverbs need -ly! Add -ly if it is needed.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


Hi Fred, I guess you are absolutely right about that English grammar isn't so difficult to learn.As a matter of fact, when I studying English in highschool I uset to think that English grammar is hard and that's why it was hard to learn it.That also made me loathe English language, as well.Once, I've become proficient in English language.I've tried to learn other languages for instance Italian.And I realized that English is certainly has easier grammar rules, though.And when it comes my antipathy to English language I dare say that I can't literally live without English Language now!

For my opinion,learning English in an English speaking country is the most efficient way of learning it. I am from Turkey and i have attended many English courses since from my childhood. After courses for a short time i could speak English fluently but then it was diffucult to show same performance. Because if you are speaking in English for two hours in a day, other times you are speaking, listening your main language. So it is diffucult to improve your English. In an English speaking country the learnin period will be more quickly. And other point, learning English is an not speaking country is not effective on speaking skills. Learning pronocuation is the most diffucult part of English for me.
I would like to go to London for learning English. When i was in London, even i stayed only ten days, my English levels were so different between first day and 10. day. I remembered i could hardly understand airport officers at the airport but after staying ten days there i could understand people better. Speaking English, listening English was effective on my English even in 10 days. So my choice will be London to learn English next time.

People have greater need for communication today. This need is existing so broadly, in science, technology, finance, and many other areas. This is because we are living more tightly together than any time before.

In English speaking countries, learners have opportunities to experience how the language is used lively in different situations. I used to regard English as a subject, like physics or chemistry. What is printed in the text books is the rule and is always true and correct. But now I see English as a language which is used by people, and people can be different. So English has a set of rules which is grammar and spelling, above that most people following a customed pattern, but very creative writers or users or pioneers in internet or youth language using them out of the boundaries.

I want to learn English in London!

I passed my FCE, at Anglschool in London, where I also repeated my CAE after attending Mercers College in Ware, Hertfordshire.

...Angloschool in London, living in Chaucer House.

Most country’s language is English without it people cannot communicate well. I think the advantages of studying English in an English-speaking country would be learning faster, doors of opportunities and priority in terms of business or applying for a job. Yes, I’d love to study English in the UK and I prefer in London.

Thank you for your resources. English is widely used. Almost all of the important articles and works are written in English. It's very lucky for students to study English in an English-speaking country because we can have conversations with native speakers. And we can also well understand English culture in an English-speaking country. If I have the opportunity to learn English in England, I'd like to go to London. Because it's the capital or center of England.

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