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Hi, everyone. I know you're all busy so I'll keep this briefing quick. I have some important information about a change in the management team. As you already know, our head of department, James Watson, is leaving his position at the end of this week. His replacement is starting at the end of the next month. In the meantime, we'll continue with our projects as usual.

I have two more quick points. Firstly, there will be some improvements made to the staff car park next month for a few weeks. It will be closed during that time.

Don't worry, we've found a solution. We can use the local church car park until our own one is ready. If you arrive before 8.30 a.m., please use our small car park on Brown Street, and if you arrive after that, you should go directly to the church car park. It's only a five-minute walk away. But they need it in the evenings, so you have to leave before 6 p.m. Sorry about that – I know how much you all love working late!

The other thing I wanted to tell you about is that the canteen has now introduced a cashless payment system. So, you can't use cash for payments any more. You can pay directly with your smartphone or you can pay using your company ID card. The total amount put on your company ID card comes off your salary at the end of each month.

OK. That's it? Are there any questions?

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A2 English level (pre-intermediate)
Good morning everyone. Last night I was irritated by a mosquito in my room. It is really hard to catch a mosquito, isn't it? Surprisingly enough, my aunt can catch it with just a tip of thumb and index finger. Anyway, my blood seems to be a perfect meal for a mosquito. Watch out at dark, everyone. ;)
Giving instructions and informations is so important thing, as a a little brother a don't use to give instructions and informations instead of that they give me. but i often give to my nephews like you have to do this by this way.
I have to give some informations and instructions to my colleague about how to sale our product.One year ago,I moved to marketing department from sales team,so I have to give special opinion from point of view salesstaff to some marketing staffs.

Hello FeruzJan Sattarov,

If you right-click on the audio player and choose 'Save As ...', you can download this and any other audio available on our site.

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The LearnEnglish Team

I often meet with parent of student and to inform them at school. Also I sometimes instruction my student.

Hello binabood,

There is a technical problem with our audio. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for telling us. We are working on a solution and hopefully the audio will be working soon.

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The LearnEnglish Tea

Hi, everyone. Usually, the persons who are giving instructions might be president to people, manager to employees, father to offspring, doctor to patients, etc. As the persons who are providing the briefing may be teachers, scientists, or tourist guides.
I often give information and instructions to my tutorial group. According to orders and situations I give information about exams, studying process and instructions about visits to some places and practical work.
At school sometimes I gave instructions on how to do a job, I started by greeting my classmates and then I indicated step by step what was going to be done and how, listening to their new comments and considering them.
Hello everybody, yes a give instructions and informations to people who are my patients. I do the whole day because it is somethihg I have to do. Of course I recive informations and instruccions from my directors and collages.
I always have to give information and instructions to my son. He is only 5 years old and depends of me to do many things, like eating, brushing his teeth, taking a shower, studying and etc
It's not so easy as it sounds to give information and instruction to 5 years old kid. I have two kids (8 and 3) and all my instructions seem to go to waste ((
I often give instructions for my husband to take care of my children, when I am not at home. And sometimes I received instructions from my colleague when we work team together. When we have a new project, we always give information to the customer. Now I am giving instructions for the internship at my office.
I often need to provide information to my parents about different things like new technologies and new places they don't know. And I usually give instructions to my younger brother about how should he continue his studies and take preparation for his examination.
I know it's really annoying when you teach your mother to use a mobile phone or smart TV. And you have to do it again and again. But, every time I lose my patience, I'm remembered how she needed to teach me to use a spoon or a pencil. So I calm down a bit, take a deep breath and begin my lesson again.
May I ask a question? What's the difference between "briefing" and "meeting" in a workplace?

Hello Rafaela1

A 'briefing' is a specific kind of meeting -- it is a meeting in which people are given information they need to perform some kind of action. A 'meeting' is much more general -- it just refers to people coming together and speaking.

And though you didn't ask about it, there are also 'debriefings'! In most situations, at least in my experience, people use the word 'meeting' even when there may be some briefing or debriefing happening in the meeting.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

When I was at university, we used to have a lot of projects and team work. It happened to me to be the team leader. Consequently, I had to share information and give instructions to the other members of the group.

Hello abudo93,

In the context in which it is used in the text on this page, a canteen is a place in an institution (a company, an office building, a university, a school etc) where workers can eat. In other words, it is a small bar or restaurant inside an institution.



The LearnEnglish Team

I have to give information for my students, I work at middle school, so I have to tell him what they have to do.
I have to give my information to university example when I introduced to my college, or to my company register when I want to work in it.
i know the answers of task 2 but i can not solve it so i need to know the way of solving

Hello ahmed lotfy

When you want to add another sentence to a group, you have to click or press on the small white hand at the side of the words already in the box. If you don't do this, then the new words will stay but the old words will disappear from the box.

It's a little difficult to explain, so please let me know if you'd like me to explain it again.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

I have to give information and instruction to my parents. You know they are always be confused with some new things like social media, smart phone and other tips in daily life.
sometimes in my class I have to give my information to my teacher, because I am a foreigner. and when I'm a team leader, I often give instructions to my college.
I am a teacher at a University, so I often give some information and instructions to my students. In can be during our classes and after that.
I have to give information and instructions, about how to keep the house tidy and clean to my youngest brother, who has moved to live alone.
On one side I have to give instructions to my employees how to execute the fulfilments of duty; on other side I can give informations about various topics to anyone.
Hello support team, Can you explain to me the grammar of this sentence: You can pay directly with your smartphone or you can pay USING your company ID card. Why have you used "using" there? Thanks

Hello Nguyen Hien,

In this sentence, using is a present participle. It describes how the action can be done. It's quite a common construction. For example:

He opened the door, turning the old key slowly.

She travelled to London immediately, using sleeper trains so she could get there early in the morning.

You can read more about these constructions on this page:




The LearnEnglish Team

I work at a high school in the Department of Study Control and Evaluation. I must provide information to parents and students about the processes and requirements they must meet. I give instructions to the teaching staff I direct, to the administrators under my direction. I also follow instructions from the educational authorities such as the campus director and the Ministry of Education.
I already gave my information, but didn't confirm the subscription. I want a course where I listen to people talking, because i want to improve my accent and pronunciation. Please advise..

Hello Olimpia,

Can you specify what kind of course you're interested in, please? There are several options, some free and some paid, some based on self-access and some on working with a teacher. You can read about them here:



You can also find a course in your own country, whether face-to-face, online or blended:



On our site we have a lot of listening materials at many levels, so there is a lot you can listen to in order to improve your pronunciation and listening skills. The first thing to do is to identify your level so that you can choose appropriate material. If you do not already know your level then our online test is a good place to start:




The LearnEnglish Team

I am an assistant professor at the University, faculty of criminal law. I usually give information or instructions to my students during the class or after class via an email. But sometimes it is necessary to share some information about the incidents and situations of faculty with my boss or other professors or even some staff of university. All these information or instructions will be about the quality teaching and obeying the rules of university. Some of them will be about paying salary which is unfortunately a big problem in our university.
I give instrucción to my subordinates, on the subject of quality, because I am the director of the quality department. Also, I instruct my dogs, about for where walking, cath the ball, sit them. when eat, when to go for a walk, etc.
As I'm a medical student, I often give information and instructions to patients. It includes about the disease conditions they suffer, side effects of drugs they should know, what they should avoid to recover from the disease and changing their lifestyle to become healthy. But I'm not a doctor and just a medical student now. So there are a lot of new things to learn and I have little chance to give information and instructions to patients.
Hi I used to give informations to my colleagues at work about our duty and tasks in the services and how to introduice some informations to customers. I also gave informations to introduice beneficiaries meeting and gave informations for planning, monitoring and evaluation
This information may be given by leader of team or teacher. they organised this activity, and made a plan for everyone how to prepare this activity.
I usually give some instructions to the designer at work. The instuctions relate to the structure of client site pages.