A morning briefing

Listen to a morning briefing to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Hi, everyone. I know you're all busy so I'll keep this briefing quick. I have some important information about a change in the management team. As you already know, our head of department, James Watson, is leaving his position at the end of this week. His replacement is starting at the end of the next month. In the meantime, we'll continue with our projects as usual.

I have two more quick points. Firstly, there will be some improvements made to the staff car park next month for a few weeks. It will be closed during that time.

Don't worry, we've found a solution. We can use the local church car park until our own one is ready. If you arrive before 8.30 a.m., please use our small car park on Brown Street, and if you arrive after that, you should go directly to the church car park. It's only a five-minute walk away. But they need it in the evenings, so you have to leave before 6 p.m. Sorry about that – I know how much you all love working late!

The other thing I wanted to tell you about is that the canteen has now introduced a cashless payment system. So, you can't use cash for payments any more. You can pay directly with your smartphone or you can pay using your company ID card. The total amount put on your company ID card comes off your salary at the end of each month.

OK. That's it? Are there any questions?

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Language level

A2 English level (pre-intermediate)
I weekly give information to my head about my tasks, because she have to introduce to our company. I sometimes give instructions to my husband about how to buy fruits and vegetables.
I usually give instruction to my husband when I want to leave home for a few hours and my husband should mind our baby.
that information is for the team work. i thinks they work in a projects together in the city center or they work in a company. so, the message will be for all company.
Hi Everyone, As a reception supervisor every day I have to give the instruction and information to my colleagues and customer. Usually, the information is about changing prices, the instructions are about to follow the right procedure.
Although, I haven't any work right now, but if I pretend someone who is a member of organization x, I give daily information and instructions to the senior workers, usually I inform them if theirs any updates about their work, and son on.
I always give information to my head office when we have to work together in organization. I usually get information and talk with my head office .
I used to give precise information and instructions to my interns because I want to get qualified work.
It seemed to me that listening has been well understood but there are words that are a little difficult to understand
Recently I have an evening online briefing with my senior colleagues. We share necessary information including how to use IT and other ideas for some plans.
In my company, I haven't give any instruction to everyone, But opposite , My boss and colleague help me so much, I'm a sales staff, Our company have so much field to attack, now I just change to new field, there are a lot of things to learn, specially for make quotation. I'm so confuse for my career. but also I have many good co-workers, They can support me and accompany with me in the future. Wish all of you are good!
Hello My mother gave me some information and instruction about homecleanliness and breakfast. And also brief me about whole day activities which i have to do in the day.
I think that information may give everyone, that know exactly the subject. But the instruction may give someone that has authority above other.

Hello Hosam Mohamed,

Yes, that is correct.

You can check the answers yourself to all of the tasks on LearnEnglish. Enter your answers by clicking on each word and then clicking on its correct place. Once you have entered all your answers, scroll down to the bottom of the task and you will see a button marked 'Finish'. Click this and then you will be able to click 'Show answers' to see the correct answers.



The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Hosam Mohamed

You're right in thinking that the word 'replacement' can refer to more than just people. We used the definition that is in the preparation task since it helps understand the listening text on this page.

You might be interested to see the different definitions of 'replacement' in the Cambridge Dictionary (just follow the link). As you will see, there are quite a few.

Thanks for your suggestion!

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

Hi, Information can be giving to colleagues, while instructions has to be giving unto subordinates. This briefing will be on improvements and updates. Thanks!
as instructed by the government we have to go directly to work done drinking and walking around and another you should stay at home
I'm a teacher. I sometimes give information and instructions to my students at the same time. For information, I say '' you should .....". and for instructions I use " I use imperative accent "
Every day I give informations to our clients about the delivery of their orders: delivrry time and day and invoice amount.
Should be wash hand every time and don't touch mouth , nose and eyes with hand in this time and if can be,have to stay at home.
Yes,I Would like to give the instruction to My friend Regarding Final Exams On April How to achieve Good Marks.
In my work I have to give information for my colleagues about legal procedures at the university.
Before an exam. I had to give information and instructions to my friends. We revised the lectures of the subject and at least we cuold pass the exam.
My coach daily gives us instructions about football game, he always circled the students and gives short briefing about how to play and what stategy will be today is.
Hi, I suggest writing the last sentence of your text in this way: "After that, the operator must report this fault to the dispatch control center". I think the rest of the text is great!
I'm working in substation power of high voltage. When the faulire occur in the transmission power system such as short circuit, voltage collapse and etc, the security system in the substation run automatically fast. In that time, the operator have to write the fault apparenced on the indication system. After that operator must do report this fail to dispatching control center.(Thank you for pointing out the errors in this text)
I work as a Chief Projects Engineer in a engineering company. And my duties include to give information and instruction to my subordinates. As rule I do the monitoring all stages of designing progress and give information about that step by step.
sometimes I give instructions and information to my friends and colleagues. sometimes I know more about some topics, so I give them these information
I must provide information and some instructions to group members on the steps for implementing recyclable material collection.
I give some required information to my coworkers and have to do instructions from my boss.
Hi support team, I can't play all of the recordings in this lesson. Could you help me check it, please?

Hi The Hung,

I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with the audio. I've checked the page and everything is functioning correctly, so I think the problem must be something local. It could be the device you're using or some local security settings, or it could be something related to your local regulatory environment.

I suggest trying to access the page on a different device - something that is not a mobile device, ideally - to see if that helps. Sometimes that can solve the problem.



The LearnEnglish Team

Hello everybody. I need to improve my English listening skills to get a good jobs. This course is good for me. Actually I knew all words almost and I can translate it but I can not listen and comprehension it. so I am going to improve my listening skills here. Thanks for your support.
Hi, In the first task there is a question: ” if you arrive first thing in the morning,..” Can you help me to understand that? Another question: Again in task one: “ there is no parking after 6:00pm?? I think there is, but it is only for the church visitors Thx
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Subido por Kirk el Vie, 13/12/2019 - 11:07

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Hello CharlesDickenes

'first thing' is often used with time words to mean the earliest time in that period of time. So here it means 'early in the morning'.

Yes, church members can park in the car park after 6 p.m., but since the group here are workers at a company near the church, I think it's safe to assume that the question refers to them and not the church members.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

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Hi CharlesDickenes. In the first task, i think that refers if you arrive very early in the morning. And when it says that 'there is no parking after 6:00 pm', it means, how you said, it is only available for the church visitors and not for the staff of the company.
Hey, I want to improve both speaking and listening and I have already started and completed with Pre-intermediate A2
I have completed the lesson for Morning briefing - preparation. Its really good because it can improve my language and also listening skills.