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Birthday parties

Listen to a conversation about birthday parties between three friends to practise and improve your listening skills.

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To be honest, I am not interested in birthdays that much. Like my friends always get very excited about this whole topic, and they like to arrange huge parties and invite a massive number of people . But I just prefer the exact opposite thing, which is having simple gatherings with families and friends . So, I normally celebrate my birthday, but I do not have an issue in not celebrating, and I dont care about it .

hello, I want to know if this sentence is correct .
(which is having simple gatherings with families and friends .)
what I mean is, can i say having simple gatherings ? or should I say it in another way ?

Hello yoyoraw,

Yes, that phrasing is perfectly fine.



The LearnEnglish Team

celebrating a birthday, from my perspective, is an important occasion in human life like any other personal occasion such as a wedding, graduation from the university, however; when it becomes like a religious ceremony which should be celebrated every year I'm not for it. I assume it would be better if a person celebrates his or her birthday just in the years that he/she achieved his/her goals, graduated from the university, so one can feel that he/ she at least accomplished in that especial year something.

Birthday Party is a touchy argument for a lot of people.
The lowdown Idea among teenagers lastly in Italy, is to throw a party and dinner in some place, for example in a Pizzeria, where the partied ask other people to pay for themselves the dinner!
I have always hated that idea since the fact I have to pay something like 15€ for the dinner and again 10€for the birthday present.
It is not too much when you work, but it is annoying and a trouble when you are a student!
what do you thing?

I don't like birthdays. I never celebrate my birthday.

I often celebrated my birthdays when i was a kid, nowadays im 25 years old and i like party yet but the things is not like before, the animation to organize a party is not the same and thinking in the effort who need to do become begin something.

In my hometown people rarely to make birthday parties. They believe it is a bad idea to make a party for someone just because he was born in that day, also I think for financial reasons. My grandfathers hadn't been celebrated in this day.

I doubt if I enjoy celebrating my birthday. The first reason is that I do not like being at the centre of the attention, especially when I have not done anything important. I mean it is a date of the calendar that repeats once a year even if I am the worst human being on the earth. Furthermore, I have hard time to convince myself that my birthday is an important event for a celebration. Therefore, I find it a day like other days of the year in the calendar! My mother tried a few times to motivate me to go for it but she could not succeed. Finally, she gave it up observing my lack of motivation!

In my country, birthdays aren't often taken so seriously. Whenever some people of different ages don't want to celebrate their birthday, it's up to them. I wouldn't mind really.

i think birthday is not the terrible thing that we should carry about, the idea is to make people happier and much connected to each other; besides the blessing moments that couldn't be forgotten later