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Challenges at work

Listen to four people talking about different business challenges to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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I had found challenges at work but I always have overcome with hard-working. Frequently when I have tricky situations I ask to my collegues about it and requesting a feedback searching better ways to resolve problems or even how I can do better the work align with the company goals. Challenges at work are the fuel to develop and to improve to be more competitive, harnessing all things around you.

The biggest challenge for me is working on 4-5 projects at the same time. It’s very tiring always being up to date and ready to talk about the details of the given project. Prioritization of tasks is essential to avoid stress and overloading - as the speaker C has mentioned it in this listening excersise.

Yeah I did face a big challenge once at my workplace, When one of our premier client contact my colleague at his desk but he was on leave that day. The client was looking for an urgent report, in my colleague's absence I gotta handle it upon my Manager's request. Fortunately for me, all the data required were in place and i was able to prepare the report on my own and sent it to the client on time that made him so happy.
The positive outcome I got the hang of preparing a new report that day thanks to my colleague!!

Yes. I did. I overcame the challenges by being persistent and acting quickly.

The very first question at the begining of section D, "Have you ever missed a flight or had one cancelled?" surely the answer has to be "I have" not "I did" right?

Hello Dandyno

'I did' is correct here. It would also be fine to use a present perfect form, but it's very common for people to answer a question about their life experience using a past simple form. The question is very open-ended, but since the speaker is often thinking of a specific past time in their answer, many times they will use a past simple form.

As you can see, the choice of verb form depends on how the speaker views the action they are speaking about.

Hope this helps.

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The LearnEnglish Team

I face challenges at work every day. I work in a big architectural design studio in Milan city. Speaking about my work activity we submit deadline for delivering project and we are called to work in a team group, with also consultant engineers and other people. Today is more challenging than in the past since the fact technologies, products and new standard in architectural branch of study, require you to always be updated and open minded toward new solutions in the market.

At the moment the most difficult challenge I face is unrealistic deadlines. A project which should be done by 4 people in a realistic time of 6 months is constricted in half time and you will be probably asked to cooperate in several projects!!!

The result: endless and stressful daily job, 10-11 hours/day working activity,.
It's an unfair game where bosses overstress their workers to increase their own profit!

I frequently face the rigid submission deadlines as part of my job. They are usually the deadlines for submitting the funding requests. The submission is online for all of them and is closed at the given time.

Normally, I start preparing a proposal around two weeks time before the deadline. This is a fair amount of time required for the preparation. However, I am collaborating with other colleagues who are located in other countries. This means I need their comments and agreement on the proposal. This is the tricky part as their responses come at different times and even sometimes just an hour before the deadline. Hence, simultaneously, handling their comments, avoiding typos due to that last minutes rush and conserving the coherent message of the proposal become really challenging!

yeah alot, one of my frequent challenge at work that my working time isn't fixed; so i have to deal with this variation and go on with everything, it makes me get exhausted sometimes but i should do my work propely

hello, could you please tell me how t download the audios?