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Innovation in business

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Innovation could be defined as a new way to do something or even improving something to make a better version about it. Nowadays companies are searching constantly new ways to improve their process for themselves doing it more competitive because the globalization, and the new technological era demanded more changes in order to satisfy a set of preferences to the marketplace. Therefore it is mandatory to evolve if the idea is survive in a wild world that devour fiercely who is not prepared for the competition.

Innovation is a wide spread buzzword in technology industry. Companies try to find the best ideas which can help them grow bigger and bigger. There are departments and labs which are responsible for innovation. They employ creative people, apply researches and methods and analyze data to find the niche in the industry. There are a huge amount of appealing pictures, videos and articles about these peoples who hold workshops and brainstorming meetings with post-its and look very-very creative and unique. But if you step back you can see the reality behind the scenes. There are consequences of this ongoing innovation seeking attitude, such as burning out syndrome or creating machines which are not for you but for making money for the investors. In conclusion, we have to be careful of innovation even if it seems a good way of doing it.

Yes. I can.

I have completed the following lessons of A job interview, Introverts – redressing the balance, and Innovation in business. The level that I chose was Advance C1 Listening.

Four examples about innovation:
1. Incremental innovation: A pen, a writing instrument. I don't know when a pen appeared, i have just known that a quill pen had appeared for a very long time, from a quill pen to a dip pen to a ballpoint pen.
2. Disruptive innovation: The typing industry. Computer disrupted the typewriter. Computer have a screen and keypads and we can listen to music from computer.
3. Architectural innovation: We can see a bamboo fan, a paper fan, an electric fan, an air cooling fan and air conditioner.
4. Radical innovation: Thanks to the internet, we can chatting face to face although far away.
After reading and doing excercise, I feel I have to writing more and more. This lesson is not easy to me. I have to learn more