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Hello and good morning! Well, we're off to a good start in the south this week, as most of the rain from the weekend has disappeared – just a few patches of cloud and maybe some showers here on the east coast. They'll all clear up by lunchtime, though. Over the next day or so, London and the area around Kent can expect a couple of isolated showers, but mostly dry through until Thursday.

It's not such good news for the north-west this week, I'm afraid: more wet weather, and not a lot of sunshine. Some of today's showers will be heavy – and even thundery in Manchester and across the Pennines. Leeds will escape the thunderstorms, with drizzle and light rain only throughout the rest of the day and tonight.

Elsewhere it becomes dry today, but with some foggy patches towards Wales. In England, tomorrow morning will see a dry, bright start in most places, with high temperatures throughout the week. We might see one or two thunderstorms appearing as the week goes on, with temperatures everywhere at 29 to 30 degrees. 

By the weekend, unfortunately, the dry weather will make way for mostly cloudy skies and rain. The rain will move from Scotland, down towards the north and reach the south coast by Saturday afternoon. Temperatures, at least, will stay mostly warm at around 21 degrees for the weekend. It might feel like a nice change from the high twenties and early thirties we'll see in the week. That's all from me until tomorrow. Enjoy the mini-heatwave while you can!

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i love when it rains. the cold weather is very comforting to me because i could stay in my bed and under the covers. i would read books or watch a few movies or finish an anime series !! sometimes i would listen to my playlist while it’s pouring outside, it helps me to relax and get some rest. the music playing on my earphones along with the sound of the rain is the best thing ever, especially when it rains at night !!
I like Wet weather because, while sunny weather could cause dry leaves which are not beautiful to behold and also heat waves, wet weather keeps environment colorful and green with favorable temperatures.
I prefer winters as it's very pleasant here on India. We generally have 6 months of summer season and 3 months of monsoon. Winters here is dry and moderate.
I like the spring weather , when it is warm not very hot , the sky is clear blue and the green color is evry where arround us .
Nature is not an object opposed to human and to be overcome, but one that we adapt ourselves to. ;)
its depends fom if it is summer or winter but if it si winter i like when it is sun shine whith litle snow faling
i like especially when its sunny outside because i like t bo warm and eat ice cream and bath. i also like when its snowing outside and when you can go skiing and drink warm chocolate, I hate fall because I hate when its grey, boring, and when the leaves are falling from the trees and loses the beautiful color green.
I like the rain, but only when I'm inside, I really like watching the rain outside from out the window. On the other hand, I like it sunny and hot when I'm outside.
I like the weather when its snowing so I can go skiing with my family and friends
I mostly like sunny weather but it can get annoying sometimes, soo i miss the cold weather a bit. But when its cold i miss the sunny weather is an akward one.
I like best when the weather is sunny. I love to sunshine and I love to go to the beach. But when is rainy, I like to stay in my home and to watches a good film with popcorn and to drink a hot drink. It's very cool, too.
I prefer cold weather because it is easier to hot a venue than to cool it. I can use coats and drink coffee or chocolate hot by obtaining corporal hot with these things. In the summer it is more difficult to get appropriate corporal temperature without conditioned air
In our area Middle East Qatar we have only two seasons spring and summer which is very hot. Not only heatwave we are facing but the high humidity as well like living in big sauna. Even though l like summer very much. It is my favorite season.
I live in a sunny city with a lot of heatwaves and without a beach, I like cloudy days and I prefer to visit cold cities when I travel. My favorite weather is rainy and cloudy days with a dark sky, because I enjoy rain, wearing coats and boots, if my city has a beach it’ll be awesome.
I like a mild wether, which means temperature reads around 18-20℃ with a blue sky.;)
When I was 5 I used to love sunny days for the reason that I could go for a walk with my grandmother and eat a chocolate ice-cream. Now, I'm 20, almost 21 and I love rainy days because I really enjoy staying at home, watching a movie or read an interesting book while I'm seeing the rain through the window.
L like a sunny weather , because it's is hot and nice. To go the beach in summer. L don't like a heatwave, because one sweats a lot in the summer.
I think it depends on the things you are doing. If you are on holidays, resting from your work, you probably want a sunny weather to enjoy the sea or other activities like drink a beer or do a barbecue with friends. If your are at home, watching movies and eating pop corns, a rainy day will be good. But if you are at work doing a lot of things, moving side to side, a clowdy weather will help you a lot!!
For me, either rainy days or sunny days is important and necessary, As I live in a tropical country we need both of them to help with the climate balance.
The weather in Bogota, Colombia is so funny, You can have the four seasons just in one day.
I like the summer especially in german, because the temperature is not so hot like in middle east. it is mostly between 20 and 30.
I like sunny and bright weather. Rain and clouds make me feel depressed and sad. Besides, I like going to the beach and I'm fond of swimming so, I don't miss the chance to go when it is hot. I'm extemely sensitive to the weather changes, my mood depends a lot on it, that's why just by looking at a clear blue sky, I feel pleased and comfortable.
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I liked rainy days when I was a child because I didn't have to go outside. As I felt guilty not to go out on a sunny day, if it was wet I felt calm. Now then, I like sunny days because I like going and exercising outside!
It depends on my mood but My favourite weather is sunny summer days. Because I do not need to wear a coat on sunny days and I feel more comfortable when I do not wear a coat. I like also some winter weathers events. My favourite winter weather event is snow and I really like playing with my friends on snowy winter days. But as I said at first sunny summer days are the time of the year I like the best.