Meeting an old friend

Listen to the conversation between two old friends to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


Selina: Patrick? Is that you?

Patrick: Selina! Hello!

Selina: Well, well. Patrick Eastwood. How have you been?

Patrick: Good. Great, actually. How are you? I haven't seen you for ... how long?

Selina: It's been ages. At least fifteen years. Wow.

Patrick: Yeah. Wow.

Patrick and Selina: So, what are you doing here?

Selina: Sorry, you go first.

Patrick: OK. What are you doing here? I thought you'd moved to London.

Selina: I was in London for a couple of years. But it didn't work out.

Patrick: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Are you ... OK?

Selina: I'm fine! The dream job wasn't really a dream, you know? Um ... and London is great but it's so expensive. I mean, just the rent on a flat is ... uh … crazy expensive.

Patrick: I see.

Selina: So, I came back. I've been back now for almost five months. Living back home with Mum and Dad. Which is err ... interesting. Um ... but anyway, what about you?

Patrick: Me? Oh, nothing new. You know me – 'Patrick the predictable'. I never left here.

Selina: Oh. And is that ...?

Patrick: Oh, I'm very happy. I'm married now. We've just celebrated our tenth anniversary.

Selina: No way! You? Married? To …?

Patrick: I don't think you know her. Her name's Marigold. And we've got two kids. They're five and eight years old.

Selina: Married and with two kids? Wow!

Patrick: Don't look so surprised!

Selina: No, no … I'm just amazed how time flies! I'm happy for you. I really am.

Patrick: Thanks. You should really come round to the house one day.

Selina: That would be great. Let's swap numbers and ...

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Basically, my best friends are the oldest ones. We keep in touch despite we live in different cities now. Actually, even in the different countries )) We try to visit each other as often as possible. And, of course, we use our phone to call or text to one another. I can't imagine my life without them, I've known them for ages, we went through a lot of different situations and it's worth a lot. Of course, I also have some new acquaintances. They are also great and I like spending time with them but despite they are so nice, my old friends mean so much to me
Dear team. From the lesson above. Selina: I was in London for a couple of years. But it didn't work out. The question is: The word 'it' in that sentence refers to London or anything else?? The second question : The word 'work out' is it mean to be successful or develop in a particular way??? So.... was Selina fail or unsuccessful in her job???? Thank you very much for your explanation and answer
Hi, Fahri. I'm not from the team but I will try to help you. In this sentence "it" means her plans to get something in London: good job, husband, new friends, or find herself in the new place. "it didn't work out" means she didn't succeed at this. So, she had to move back to her home. Her dreams and hopes failed

Hello fahri,

In this sentence, it refers to Selina's time in London. You could rewrite the sentence as follows:

I was in London for a couple of years. But being in London didn't work out.


Work out in this context means to have a good result or to end up the way you hoped. In other words, Selina's time in London did not go the way she had hoped, and so she left. It may be related to her job, or it may be some other aspect of the situation.



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As for me,my old friends are just like my second family.I'm the only child and so I've grown up living with my mom and dad at our home,as a result my friends especially old one have become essential for me.
Yes, I do. But the number of my old friends is very small. Maybe it is two or three friends. I used to meet my old friends, but I cannot meet them due to corona virus recently. So I always contact them with using applications. When I talk with them, I can relax, so I would like to see them as soon as possible.
Yes, I do. I love catching up with my friends, even if it hasn't been years since the last time I saw them.
Although I didn't keep in touch with my old friends very much before, I sometimes began to contact with them thanks to social media services recently.
Yes, i do. I have several old friends, we have a many years happy time. They are important for me in my life.
Yes, I do. I have kept in touch with most of them. Friends from school and university and even some of them are from the age of our childhood. We are having in touch, but we slightly see each other. I found them in Facebook and we usually get in touch with. Sometimes we talk on messanger. For example, I and my friends from M.A. degree have a group on messanger and usually share information or greet together via that group. Also I get in touch by email with some of my friends who are not in Facebook and so on. But I know that there are some others and I haven't gotten in touch for ages. I miss all of them. Regards, Tayyebi
yes, I do most of them. i try as i can to meet they but it's very difficult because now everyone has his life and engagement.
obviously i keep in touch with my former classmates, and it's often so amazing when each of us speaks about her or his life.
I have 3 friends who spoke to me with two of them and my other friend did not speak to him for some time and I miss him a lot every day.
Yes, I keep in touch with some my high school and university classmates and childhood friends. It’s very important to me because I remember old days and I’m very happy about that.
Yes, fortunately I keep in touch with old friends specially my friends from the primary school, and number of classmates of university, we have WhatsApp group.
no unfortunatly i'm not keeping in touch with my old friends, actually this lesson remembers me my first best friend we met at the middle school i really liked her we were such a sisters even our teachers told us that we look alike and we have same gestures, we haven't seen each other for a long time for almost 8 years and i'm amzed how time flies, i wish that she is doing well
Sincerely, I don't keep in touch with all my old friends, because only some of them are my friend now. I think it's commun that people take different paths and left some friends. Sometimes I remember my oldest friends of primary school and that is touching.
With this listening I have learned a little about London and work. I liked doing the activities, they are easy.
They are two friends who meet after 15 years. I don't know if they know each other from school, or were neighbors. They are very happy to meet again. She worked in London but it was very expensive. Now she lives with her parents. He has married and has 2 children
I am lucky! because I have friends since kindergarten and share time with they 2 or 3 times per year; also, many friends since high school (13 years since graduation) and university (8 years since graduation).
Tes, I do keep in touch with my old friends. I like to know how are they doing even if we can’t meet as frequent as we would like to. And nowadays with social networks is very easy to be in contact with friends and it’s easy to catch up with them.
I have never seen my classmates of school. I met one of my friends of University two years ago. I keep in touch with my friends of my first job ( it was 20 years ago) , in fact they are my best friends .
Well, I keep in touch with few old friends. When we finished high school, we all took different paths, this was thirteen years ago. Recently, my friends originated a meeting, but I was traveling and I couldn't go.
Really not, I have a long time that I don't have any contact with my Frinds of University, My old best Friend lives in Australia, two years ago he was in my city but I couldn't see him.
for a couple of months I have met with a classmate of the university. last time we saw him at least, was twenty years ago! I think how time flies! He lives in another city and he's a bit overweight and doesn't appear his age.We talked a lot about diferent things and our families. It was nice to meet .
2 years ago, I was walking in the street in Spania and I saw an old friend whose I played rugby with him 15 years ago. I was very happy to meet him and discuss about his life. We have been ages and many white hairs. It was touching.
Do you keep in touch with old friends? About 35 years ago, when I was studying at university had a roommate that we were very friendly together. After graduation, he went to Canada and married a Chinese lady, and I had no news of him. Recently. I found him on LinkedIn, and we did chat together.
Five years ago, I met an old friend from the Haute Ecole Normale de Nivelles. Jean-Marie was my best friend. He lived in Brittany where he spent his retirement. And I for eight years, I have lived in the south of France in "AUDE" where I also spend my retirement. A year later, during his vacation not far from my home, he came to see me with all his family. What a beautiful day we spent remembering the beautiful moments we spent together. Alas today, this old friend has passed away. I had a lot of pain. I often have a thought for him.
I keep in touch with one of my old friends. we are the best friends and we travel with each other from time to time. it’s so interesting to remind the best period of our life sometimes, that could be a nostalgia. we were at high school together. We remember the other friends and reminds nice memories we feel sympathy as we talk about how our rights were lost at the time of university entrance exam because of the inaccurate arrangements that some people are given special privileges.
Since 2015 I have ever seen my best friend. He went to Bobo-Dioullaso when I was taking my high school diploma exam and I went to Algeria at fall 2015. It is really a long time. I miss him and I hope that we will enjoy our next meeting at summer 2020. So exciting to be with my bestie.
I've just completed the lesson of a student discussion and I have one question: what means "The dream job wasn't really a dream" ? I thought it was a boring job but it is considered to be a perfect job?


A 'dream job' is a job that we imagine to be perfect. Selina is saying that she got her dream job, but then discovered that it wasn't really a dream job. In other words, she didn't really like it, even though she thought that she would.

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I have completed the lesson of Meeting an Old Friend. A short conversation makes it easier for me to find the correct answer.

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I have completed the following lessons of Arriving late to school and Meeting an old friends. The level that i choose was intermediate B1 Listening
I have completed the following lessons of a student discussion, A weather forecast and meeting an old friend. The level i chose was intermediate B1 Listening.
i have completed the following lessons of A phone call from a customer, Arriving late to class, and Meeting an old friend.The level that i chose was intermediate B1 Listening.
I have completed the following of A student Discussion, A weather Forecast and Making a Decision . The level that i chose was Intermediate B1 Listening
I have completed the following lessons of A phone call from a customer, Chatting about a series, and Meeting an old friend.The level that I chose was intermediate B1 Listening.
I have completed the following lesson of Meeting an old friend . The level that I chose was intermidiate B1 Listening.
I have completed the following lessons of A student Discussion, A weather Forecast, and Making a Decision. The level that I chose was Intermediate B1 Listening