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Meeting people at a dinner

Listen to introductions at a dinner party to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.




Dear friends, I'm new plz help me in listening lessons, should I listen then answer the questions, at the end I should open the transcript ??

when I applying for new course, i don't remember classmates name for a while

Recently i started meeting new people To learn new thing from there.
it helps me to Increase the relationships With new people.

I meet new people at the office.

I usually meet new people in classes maybe at school or at pravite or inistitute .
i do not often go parties or holidays and i am not well-know player ,So i usually meet in study places .

I meet new people when i am working.I work at the restourant.Or i meet people in the party.

last weekend, i met new people, i invited them to dinner, the meeting was great, and they were very enjoyable,

Hi, i usually meet new people when i start a new activity. For esemple i have met new people on September when i have started an english language course. Or i have met new people when i attended the gym or when i attended my university.

I usually meet people when I see new. But I don't join parties.

I am a teacher and usually meet new students each semester.
I will intend to relationships with new people from different nationalities.