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A student discussion

Listen to two students comparing Mars and Earth to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Intermediate: B1


No, I don’t think so at all! The mankind needs blu sky, blu oceans, green forests and many other things there aren’t on Mars.

with the evolution of sciences I can say maybe one day people will live on Mars

According to me and it's even impossible in the future for humains to live on Mars because of the weather conditions: Mars is more colder than the earth, its gravity is 38% of the earth, not much more air for life, no water and so one.

I think people will live on Mars, but it is not near future.
Of course, there are a lot of people on Earth now, but the population of some country such japan is decreasing now.
So, people should not live on Mars yet.

I think that the life in mars is impossible even we use a special clothes for protection also no matter how science progresses, we cannot challenge nature

Ithink people no longer will life on the mars

Fristly thank you for a valuable information, and I think so with the massive progress of the space research and different technologies, but of course doesn't like to people lives on earth.

I have an idea about that. Probably human who is boring with this planet, will leave from Earth. Because there is unfair sharing, bad behaviors in this world. Maybe another planet will solve humans problems. It will create a new world. I think it has to able to support adequately our life. Holy books may show us a way to explore.

I totally agree, I hope new research and technology one day allows us to travel and live on Mars! We are so fed up with planet earth.

Probably if people creates elementary infrastructure to live there, I think life will be pretty rubbish and boring at first, and how expensive to live there would that be?