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A student discussion

Listen to two students comparing Mars and Earth to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Intermediate: B1


Possibly but not without challenges, it will take alot of conditioning for human to survive in Mars. But never say never

I was thinking to get to mars, but it will take a long time that happens,as I do not beleive people get to the moon,so ,in my opinion isn't easy...

I don't think people will live one day on March because the climate on that planet is very likely to remain as it is i.e. lacking oxygen. Human beings can't just live in an atmosphere which lacks oxygen.

they can but not like how we live here i think it well be a lots of condition to make that be

i would rather save out earth than move to new planet like mars. what we should do is plant more trees and reduce a development infrastructure in several place because there are a place should be used as lungs of the world like amazon forest and Kalimantan island with it's tropical forest.

I think, that people can live on Mars one day if they have special clothes to protect them of cold. Beside they should use mask with oxygen and nitrogen.

Is quite difficult nowdays, because if mars is as colder as antarctic it'll very tricky to live there.
Nowdays scientists can't change climate conditions in the antarctic, but if with futher researches they finally change climat condition and allow people to live there, i think the same changement could be done on march

Hello everybody, i think Mars is a possibility planet for life, but we don't know how to live here, in the Earth, so we need first know how to live here, in peace with the nature and obviously with other persons, then we can think in live in other planet, maybe in the future we will, but for now we need know the peace.

For me is possible, several cientificts is working in tecnologies that allow us live in Mars one day, on the other hand, nowdays the tecnology is growing exponentially.

For the first time i knew that the Earth is bigger than Mars