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A student discussion

Listen to two students comparing Mars and Earth to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Intermediate: B1


Well, I do not remove the possibility that in a given future we can live on Mars, but right now or in a few years, due to the conditions that are said in the listening I see it as impossible.
But you never know what technology can do so that we can live many more years, but even if they are similar planets, I see little possibility.
But also, our planet is already annoying enough to destroy another like Mars, that is, humans without realizing it, we are destroying our own planet.
So I think that even if we could go, we shouldn't live on a planet like Mars.We are decently on our planet and I hope that in a few years we can continue to be.

Hi Guys;
I do not know where ours future generations will live but the true is we are destroying our planet. If the scientist are looking for a new planet to live ,the final is closest. I suggest that if life is possible in Mars, humans beens should not go there to spoil it like the Earth.

I think that this is a good listening because it´s easy to understand and you can learn a lot of things whith it. For exmple today I learn thet in Mars there was less gravity and so many years ago there were some oceans in there, thats amazing!

Yes, i does. As most people think Mars can support human life.

I think this ex is so difficult for me :(( I don't hear important information and i have to listen to it many times. And i think people maybe live on Mars in the future because science is more and more developed, people will invent many equipment to live on Mars

Hello Daudau0601

I'd suggest you try a few other pages at the B1 level. If they are not as difficult, it could be that just this page is slightly more difficult than others. If they are equally difficult, then you might want to try Listening pages at the A2 level for awhile before coming back to B1.

Good luck!

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The LearnEnglish Team

Maybe, but it isn´t possible at present. In the future, the science could develop the technology for it. Until then, we can only dream with that day.

In my opinion, why do we make our lives more difficult by going to another planet? we have a good life here on Earth.

I don't agree with you. Because we have a lot of trouble in earth. The big one of them, coronaviruse now. I think Mars is more comfortable for life.

I don’t think one day we can live on mars,i mean okay there’s a huge similarities between mars and earth but the basic things such as water and gravity don’t match our nature so I think it’s impossible.