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A student discussion

Listen to two students comparing Mars and Earth to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Nivel de idioma

Intermediate: B1


Supposed, when people can live on Mars the essential things could be huge expensive.

I think people can not live in Mars.But we can find solutions to live in there because the world is going worse

I don't think that, due to God created the earth to live on it, and if that happens it's not be common,because it will be expensive and it would be just for famous human . I think or who has feasible to move there.

Perhaps there could be life on Mars in a long-term future. If the developed countries made from now on more investment in technology, innovation and science, then a life in space would be true.

I think human will live on mars in a very long future. Astronauts already live in space today, in the ISS international station. Who would have believed about it 50 years ago?

I think so because in few years we will have the technology to do possible people can live in other planet.

I don´t think so. Seeing the behaviour of the people in this days, i pretty sure that the thing is going to occur fist is the extinction of almost all the humanity because of the wars, new diseases and global warming.

Yes maybe in the future but not in open areas, in settlements which will be protected from the rough climate on Mars planet, in this case I think the planet will be our second home after earth.

I think living on the other planets can be feasible,however it needs knowledge and experiment.Maybe the next generation can move on there.

I think to live in others planets it can be feasible,however it will be needed the knowledge and do experiments. Maybe the next generation can move on there.