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Who's who in the office

Listen to two people talking about the people in their office to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Nivel de idioma

Pre-intermediate: A2


Yes, I can. I work in a famous company with a lot of colleagues. There is a man with a tall high who is our operator, he works with hardness equipments and he is so polite. Also a lady looks very smart is a metallography expert who studies the microstructure of metals or alloys with microscope and then accept or reject the industrial samples based on international standards. A man with curly hairs is another our colleague. He is in charge of samples preparation and he is so hard working. And finally a man with a big tummy is our managing director.

I don't have a job! I am still a student

Ooh right In my opinion, I can describe my colleagues In my company there is a lot of colleagues from Egypt and some of my colleagues not friendly but It’s ok It doesn’t matter
Best regards

My colleagues look serious and elegant in their dark clothes but they are so much fun.

My colleagues look like seriousness but they are all about everything.

Yes, I could. They are male and female. Each performing his or her task in their designated department.

I have many colleagues and each one has a special personality. For example, one of them is very polite another one is shy and so on.

I can't describe my colleague because I don't work in a company so I don't have them, I work alone.

My colleagues er nice and helpful people. Most of the time we are teaching as I'm working at school. Sometimes we have to work in small teams and this works fine.