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A business interview

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Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


Hi dear all, with respect to the question, my favorite app for learning (Languages) is maybe Duolingo, but, sometimes it is stressful since you can't interact with other people by the cellphone (I mean, I know that exist the app in the computer, but, it is easier to use the phone instead PC)
In the case to learn other subjects such biology, maths among other, I don't have an app, since when I learnt these subjects I didn't have access to internet and for this reason my way for learning was only by reading books and by personal classes.
Greetings to all!

Well. I already used one APP to communicate me with other people. When I need more information about some subject, I search on internet or Youtube.

There are many apps I ussually use to learn english. Cram and Zamarican English are the most favorite apps for me. Cram is the best way to study new words. You can write the words and review them by Flash Card Tichnic. Z amarican is good to study Grammer and improve communication skills.

To practice my speaking skills I like to use Cambly. There I have aces to many English tutors who are online to start a conversation. I use it three times a week. To practice my reading and listening skills I like to use Learn English or TED ED. And finally, to practice my writing skills I like to give comments after all my exercises here at Learn English, besides writing emails for my job.

I think this app useful now at this time ,after Covid19 ,in my country we were studying online and as i am work online i cant have time to teach my son so i need someone to help me .

I really love to use British Council app which helps improve English daily day.

I'm trying the British Council tools for free and I'm enjoying them!

I prefer using an app called The Way, which is very similar to the app homeworkx that is mentioned in the podcast. It offers tutors for all kind of subjects in a very convenient price, and also if you sign up it gives you a free month to try it so i really recommend it .

There are a lot of people who really need help to learn education especially in the remote and urban areas. It is really good to support them this kind of app which might be benifited very much in a productive way.

What's your favourite app for learning and why?

I really don't have a favourite app for learning... hehehe... but I use youtube to watch some videos to learn more English. I would like to know more about apps if it's possible to you tell me, English tutors here.