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A business interview

Listen to the business interview to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Upper intermediate: B2


Hello simonenmourao,

'Help' can be followed with the infinitive with or without 'to':

help someone do something

help someone to do something

Thus, both options are possible. However, I don't think we would use a participle ('solving') here.



The LearnEnglish Team

Now, I don't use any apps for learning english, beaucause i dont feel comfortable with small screen of iphone. I prefer learning english with computer so my favorite website is british coucil learning english. Big avantage of learning english on smart phone is that you can learn english every where in your spare time, in public transport. now for learning english i try to watch TV, english movies and use bbc learning english or bristish coucil learning english website, i use only my smartphone for dictionary . I read your comments, Thanks for your suggestions of some useful apps , perhaps , i will use them

Hi, As general l think English
And British Council is most effective apps for learning English

Hi everyone!!!
I hope you are well.

There are lots of apps but the one I like it is Word Power IELTS.
I recommend this app.

I've got installed some useful apps for learning English on my phone and tablet. Apps for learning English idioms, phrasal verbs, short stories in English, vocabulary, etc...I find them very practical and useful because I have my phone wherever I go. When I'm in the car, especially, for trips that last more than one hour, they are my way of entertainment. I must confess that I don't have the good habit of reading books, so in such situations, I just open some app and start learning some new words or expressions, which, I think, is a great way to avoid wasting time or getting bored.

My favourite app to learn new things is Quizlet. Indeed, this app permits us to memorise new things thanks to flashcards: on the one side, you put a french word for instance, and on the other one, behind, you put its translation to English. It is very practical because you can revise what you learnt everywhere and when you want, and for me, I do it in the subway !

Maybe some apps connected with learning English.

I think this is not an app but a website, but still I choose LearnEnglish as the tool that is helping me to learn English the most. I find the Listening section very useful. Its listenings have an accuracy vocabulary and speech for each level, and especially the first task helps you to realise if you actually understood the listening. From here I want to thank all your magnificent work.
Cheers from Madrid.

Hello Javi,

Thank very much for your feedback. It's always nice to know that our users find our website useful, and it's also very helpful to know what people like so that we can continuously improve.

All the best,


The LearnEnglish Team

I used many apps to learn and practice English, some of them are british and others americans, Let me share some of them
All ears english
BBC Learning english
Rosetta Stone
Quiz your English

Maybe The problem is when you dominated the app, it could be boring