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A digital detox podcast

Listen to the podcast about doing a digital detox to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Nope, I've just got new gadgets! ;)

I did some of these advices in my life and enjoy it. I think these principles are intrinsic. So every one can think about his life style with digital advices and solve his problems by his way. Although reading books like "Log off" is shortcut.

Hello. A digital detox is a great idea. I really need one and Amanda gave me key information to begin. Thanks.

I've tried to take a digital detox, but I haven't been able to do it, it's very difficult for me when I tried the first time I received a lot of notifications and all of that was very important, the second and last time I tried to do it almost I achieved it, I think if my friends had helped me when I requested them not to send me messages for one day I am sure I would have been able to achieve it.

That sounds like a great idea! I mean, everyone is more attentive to their devices than to their lifes with the family or friends. I confess I'm connected to three or four devices all the time because of my work, but I'd like to try this detox to improve my social interaction.

Yes, I would love it as I have to confess sometimes I am in front of a screen just unconsciously then I realize I am loosing time. I think it could be healthy to be disconnected a couple hours per day cause I think cellphones have become part of our body, an extension like your hand. I think it’s becoming a serious problem because vulnerable people such as children, young people or even adults are losing control and they are more interested on virtual world than real world.

personally, I always turn off my mobile data, whenever I have a job to be done. It is very annoying if you want to focus on your job and suddenly you get a call or notification that distracts you from your Study, job, or anything. Even if you let it so, you can't even stop thinking about what you have already got ( from whom you have got a message..etc.

nice idea. I did it too.

Totally agree with you

I´d love to do a digital detox after being connected eight hours a day because I work from home in remote. Once a month my family and I like going to the mountain to enjoy trekking. It´s important to me to breathe fresh air to clear my mind and not having distraction with the mobile, but it is really difficult if someone near you take out the mobile from the pocket when a buzzer sounds...I get very angry inmediately