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A digital detox podcast

Listen to the podcast about doing a digital detox to practise and improve your listening skills.

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For sure I'd like to do a digital detox, because being connected all the time is really stressing sometimes. Actually, I gave the first step to it by deactivating notifications in my cellphone mainly because I'm about to do a national exam at the end of this month to enter the college, and I started receiving a lot of media related to it, what makes me feel anxious.

Actually yes. Internet is such an amazing resource for everything but we don't usually make good use of it. In my case, I'm aware that I spend more time online than I should. I realize that I'm online for at least 8 hours daily. Once a week I switch off my mobile notifications but maybe that is not a real digital detox.

its bad if you are on your phone because your phone has a small screen and you can break your eyes its better if you go on a ipad or tv but be carful your eyes are fragile

I'd love to do it again as I have already done it for 10 days. I lived 10 days in a spiritual place without any screen or digital device, not even anything to write. Just surrounded by nature. That was a beautiful experience, I felt connected with my inner self and with nature for the first time.

Yes, I'd love to but I'm not sure if I could do that...I became addicted to screens, if it is not watching TV, then it is the laptop, tablet or phone. In the past, people used to listen to the radio, and by the term 'radio' I mean that very simple gadget with no screen, only buttons to play and pause, now it turns out that even for that we use some kind of digital devices. I ve already tried it for a short time, like an evening or even a whole day, but I can't disconnect for more than that because I live abroad far from my family, and we need to hear from each other regularly, a simple message like 'hello, everything is fine' is sometimes enough to avoid worry.

I'd like to do a chocolate detox... ;)

I'd like to sweets detox... ;)

Yes I would definitely want to.

My life is full of digital tox.
I have to work in front of the computer from 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday, sometimes Monday to Saturday.
And then, I play my smartphone after work until 00:00 everyday.
On weekends, I play smartphone all the time even when I am eating until I go to sleep in 00:00.
I will be dead if I don't do a digital detox.
My life is too crazy...

Yes, I would definitely like. I spend about 7 hours per day in front of a screen. Some of them are mandatory due to they are study hours, but the other ones are expendable. I think I should change my habit because my eyes are getting tired more and more. I began by putting my phone in silent mode and I should continue by stopping using the phone from certain hours, such as 21 p.m.
Cheers from Madrid.