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A digital detox podcast

Listen to the podcast about doing a digital detox to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Upper intermediate: B2


I think that it's really important to take a break from our devices. During this lockdown, we have spent a lot of time in front of all screens, it was a good opportunity to stay in touch with far friends or family, but I used this time to switch off my phone, tv and social in order to get more spare time for my passions. And it was incredible because I felt that I was in the right way. I had time for myself. Of course, we were closed at home, but the hours flew away. I missed that. Right now, I come back to normal life, but I turn off all notifications from my phone and I tried to use social less to keep on my personal projects.

Yes, I do.
it's a great idea too me, i set long time on the screens.

For me ,actually i don’t need to do digital detox because I can control myself and realize how much time I spend using my phone, I connect to social media only when I have free time otherwise I have to do many other useful things such learning English , reading books and doing exercises

me too, but lesson idea is so great :)

Honestly, after the COVID-19 situation, right now I think that everybody need the internet for work and study, follow an online class of University or school and also for we are conecting and speak with our family. Although, is true that we need a little time for ourselves and disconecting telephone or laptop or television.

I think that the most important is to have a balance between digital and the off-screen life. I don't believe that access to anything is good and that accessing too much is good either. Balance is the order in this subject.

Honestly, the digital device is one of the most important elements to support my life. After working hard, I like searching for websites to watch funny videos and using social media to relax. I always set an exact time alert on using social media. It helps me not spend too much time relaxing and can return my work easily. Moreover, I can live without using kinds of social media the whole day or the whole week, because I can read books or do other works instead of using social media. Therefore, I recognized that I'm not a person addicted to social media.

I think digital detox is very good for a lot of people. I try to practice this, because I think it's better to focus on important things, because I don't spend a lot of time using social medias. Now, with coronavirus we use the internet all the time, to watch classes, study, talk to our friends and family, but I turned off my notifications, and I'm trying to use the internet just for this things, and not losing time seeing social medias. I used to be a little addicted in social medias and it was't good for me, because it was difficult to stop and do my schedules. But I believe that each person should decide what is better, because a lot of people don't feel that social media is bad for concentration.

I love being conneted in social networks, however when I am with my relatives barely I use my phone, but I have to admit that a weekend without devices, including laptop and Tv, it sounds interesting and I will try the next one

As Amanda said I need to be very active online because of my work office, but I've tried to do so just in the working hours. Every day I start my work checking emails and projects al 8.30 am and finish at 6.30 pm.
After that time, I don't connect on social media apps because I don't think it is a priority for my lifestyle. I prefer doing some exercise or listen to some music.
Just in case, I'm bored waiting for the bus or stuck in the traffic jam, I check my social media.