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A lecture about an experiment

Listen to the lecture about a science experiment to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Upper intermediate: B2


Yes I listened there was something like an psychological experiment called “Rhythm”. In summary, it was about a woman in a room who put different things on a table, from bread to a gun, then she invited some people to came in and closed the door. For many hours she just stand without make a noise and the more hours passed the more aggressive people became. Its a little creepy but its interesting.

It is a hard topic, if we had on the experiment, we couldn't image what happen. Fortunately, I had it when I was in elementary school. But I can't remember clearly because the school hadn't enough condition for us to practise full time. With a few hours were impressed my memories. Moreover, practise experiment are made everybody to understand long time and be aware of the theme.

My first experiment was the dissection of the frog. Catching a frog is a very difficult task somehow I managed to catch it. I took the frog in the laboratory, dissected from the middle. I observed that the internal organs and system of the frog is very similar to humans.

I never heard about that experiment when I was studing at different Uni in queensland state. On my opinion, first few years it looked like really intresting experiment but time goes by it is more be like a guinness world record than scientific experiment. Because Dr Parnell already got his result (pitch is liquid)and there is nothing to wait new result or changes anymore. Only interesting thing is it has going long time thats it.

I love experiment stories but unfortunately can't remember any of them.

I recalled an experiment about the human moral or psychology.
There was a crazy train losing control when you were in the driving room and you could decide which direction to turn the steering wheel.
Ouside the train, there were 5 people in the right track and 1 person in the left.
Which side will you choose to turn the steering wheel?

I found the tasks of this listening very useful, I´m looking forward to finding this kind of activities in the following listenings. According to the question above, I know a few psychological experiments. One of them is called The Stanford prison experiment. In summary, it´s about how the behaviour of a person changes depending on the role that he or she is playing. You can look it up for further information, it´s really interesting.
Cheers from Madrid.

I remember the element radium that discovered by Madame Curie. The downsides were also great. Marie's work with radioactive elements inflicted serious burns to her arms and hands. She devoted all her time to the study of radium.

The Michelson-Morley experiment. The main objective of this experiment was to detect the luminiferous ether which was believed to be the medium wherein light and other electromagnetic waves propagate. In this experiment, they measured the speed of light in many different angles and speculated that they should measure a maximum and a minimum value for the speed of light. The maximum value of the speed of light will be measured when the light is travelling within the ether, and the minimum value can be measured when the light is travelling against the motion of the ether. However, no differences in the speed of light was detected which suggested that the light does not require any medium to propagate onto. This experiment is now known as the "Best failure in science" because it is being used in a lot of practical applications specially in laboratory testings.

No I don't know a lot about any experiments, at the beginning I get the point of the experiment and I think that it's an interesting fact and we have learned something new which is great, but now this experiment is just marketing for the university I can't believe that there are people watching constantly a stream waiting for a drop.