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A lecture about an experiment

Listen to the lecture about a science experiment to practise and improve your listening skills.

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I really surprised that it has been taken eight years for the first drop. I would say then the pitch drop is almost an oil substance if it could be solid but actually is a fluid. In fact, oil can be frozen at room temperature too for example oil from cotton, when you want to save oil of cotton in bottle, you can pour the warm oil into the bottle, and it can be secured in a dark room for many years. Over time, the oil will become a solid shape, but in fact, it was fluid. You can also turn the bottle upside down and cut the top off it.
It is only my prediction, in school time I loved to learn physic...:) so I am saying this process.

No :/. Actually I haven’t been studying that much For the past four years so I don’t know many things related with experiments or things like that but I’m glad to read this article it’s really interesting.
It’s weird to think of bitumen as a solid property.

Thank you for the lesson anyway ❤️

Of course, I've read or heard about many different experiments. Some of them are very interesting but some are completely stupid (in my humble opinion) and caused a meme about the "Britain scientists". But, telling the truth I'm not the person who interested in any kind of experiments that much to keep them in mind. So it's a bit hard for me to give a proper answer to this question.
In his case, let me say some words about the "Pitch drop experiment". I think it was quite interesting in 1927 to start this experiment - to show others that the common material which everybody took like something solid turn out to be liquid. And the very first drop (maybe the first two or three) was a great achievement for all who took part in this experiment. But now, all this "drops waiting" through the years looks like something stupid and absolutely senseless. This experiment evolved into the university tradition and doesn't belong to science anymore.
Of course, it's only my opinion and I admit someone can think differently.

I think i know about Apple experiment that is created by scientist Newtown.

Dear team.
From the lesson above.
a thick, black substance that was used in the past to make wooden ships and buildings waterproof.
The question:
Is definition right in that context???
What's the urgency of picth drop in our live??? I think it's just waste our time to see it.
Thank you very much for your explanation and answer.

Hello fahri,

Yes, that's correct. Pitch is an extremely thick liquid - so thick it appears to be a solid - and that is why it drips so slowly.



The LearnEnglish Team

I don’t understand
The experiment has a tragic story associated with it. Professor Parnell died without seeing a pitch drop.

Hello nona nasr,

Professor Parnell set the experiment up and it would have been nice if he had seen the pitch drop, but unfortunately he did not. This is why the story has a sad (tragic) side.



The LearnEnglish Team

I've got a question.
The thing is that the instructions of the second task are asking for an answer with one or three words, nevertheless one of the answers is a word and a NUMBER.
Shouldn't it be a good idea to say "Complete the sentences with one to three words or/and numbers?

Hello David Horacio

Thanks for the suggestion. I've changed the instructions.

Best wishes


The LearnEnglish Team