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A lecture about an experiment

Listen to the lecture about a science experiment to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Upper intermediate: B2


I don't know any sophisticated experiment like the 'Pitch drop'

Yes, i know. The most well-known experment at biology is Mendel's experiment on peas plants in1800s.

Yes. They includes colour mixtures, mixtures of solution, solar, sunlight in plant growth and so on.

Yes, I gues the most famous experiment I know is The Laika's launch, when Sovietics sent a dog into a space mission becuse they wanted to test if the space travels are safety for humans. The dog would never come back, it was a suicide mission and it is really shocking to me.

Will Iam not familiar with the experiments that are happening ,but i look forward to read more about them .

informative lec

I think one of the famous experiments in the world is the CERN accelerator.

Hello everyone!! well I'd hear about experiments with atomic particles moving in circles at incredible speed, what they are trying to do is create new energy frome that particle movement.

this really an ausome thing which i have never met with this type of a think which is interesting biggggg!!!!!!! fan now on words 4 ur course

I have completed A Lecture About Experiment. The level I chose was Upper Intermediate B2.