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A talk about motivation

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Upper intermediate: B2


Well, I work as a content creator so when I get a great idea, It motivates me to create this story.

I'm try to be always motivate. In everybody's life someone exist who motivate you always. My parent is always motivate me to do great things in life. I'm happy that my parents supporting me. They give me freedom to do anything which you like. And do different things.

I motivate me in my job when I have a challenge about a topic and I motivate me in my studies when I have to research about a topic that interest me.

In my studies that which motivates me was the assessment of my teachers and the awareness of growing my knowledge, whereas, in my jobs, I was really pleased when I managed a project very well.

Both of my parents are teachers and I'm study to become one too. One thing that I've noticed is how limitated the job is, you have to follow a program that is very conservative and desmotivated specially for the kids, we need more freedom in trying new ways of learning and teaching, many people have amazing ways to teach that are effective and creative but most of the times the headmaster doesn't support it.

I totally agree with you that new methods of teaching and learning that allows for freedom of teaching techniques need to be employed by school managers rather than the old ways. Most school managers seems to be autocratic and conservative. Teacher's effectiveness and efficiency would be increased if they have the freedom to adopt whatever style or method they feel comfortable with to achieve the best results. Though they need to be checked too.

I totally agree with this theory. I experienced that freedom in working is the best way for efficiency and effectiveness. But many managers still don't encourage staff with this new ideas. They work with old management theories. It proves that learning new management theories is necessary, specially for complex works.

So cool to read the comments !! I totally agree. I don't like a strict schedule either, I really like to enjoy my job. I prefer to work at my pace as I feel more comfortable and things are done better. I guess my really motivation is the love for what I am studding as I like the culture of my country and I would love to help in its conservation and promotion. Of course there are days I don't feel motived though, then I must resort to my discipline more than my motivation.

A thing that really motivates me is the passion of studying something I really love learning such art an culture. I agree with SAAD that knowledge is power because the more you know the more creative you will become. You can find a source of inspiration by reading, or listening... to get your goals or to excel in something you really want to. In my current job I find really motivating have a flexible schedule and not seeing my boss everytime like in the same office : ).

What motivate me in my studies is to know that if I keep working hard now, I'll be able to be where I want to be in the future, and even the things aren't easy now, in 10 years from now on, I'll look back and thank me for the hard work.