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A talk about motivation

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A thing that really motivates me is the passion of studying something I really love learning such art an culture. I agree with SAAD that knowledge is power because the more you know the more creative you will become. You can find a source of inspiration by reading, or listening... to get your goals or to excel in something you really want to. In my current job I find really motivating have a flexible schedule and not seeing my boss everytime like in the same office : ).

What motivate me in my studies is to know that if I keep working hard now, I'll be able to be where I want to be in the future, and even the things aren't easy now, in 10 years from now on, I'll look back and thank me for the hard work.

I am motivated during the studies when my teacher or parents point out my mistake. When I am encouraged by my parents, I become more ambitious to achieve the goal. My goal is to learn more and more through out my life because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

Personally, I have observed experiences where salary increments and promotions contributed to the resignation of employees; they aren't necessarily motivators. More money is offered for getting the job done!
The fact that task achievement but social life counts, most employers often take for granted small but precious valuable things like love, friendship, gratitude and respect.
In the office these things seem less important and oftentimes use of obscene language becomes a habit. Acquiring respect doesn't come easily and falling a victim of verbal abuse is usually the end result.
The assumption that materialistic incentives are effective motivators is totally wrong. Earning respect feels to be more of a valuable incentives for me than anything else. It's the thing that keeps me on my job.

Hey everyone! I think that motivation is something created inside you which exists at different times. I mean, you can't be constantly motivated. I notice that there are not actually different kind of motivation, maybe there are factors that inspired you to feel more motivated, as the salary or nice people to work with.

I used to be a visual effect Artist. one particular shot has so much to do in it because of that some time It could even take months to complete the 2second shot. But I needed to motivate myself by self-talking like maybe you are not able to see the end result now but wait for the movie to release and watch your work in cinema. That feeling was always made motivated me to do what I was doing. But unfortunately not anymore I have quit my job now to move ahead in life.

I have never been interested or motivated by rewards or any kind of material incentives. Instead, I feel delighted when people give recognition for my work, admire and respect what I perform. Also, I strongly dislike rigid and strict rules, I feel more creative and with great positive energy when I'm given some freedom and flexibility.

Recognition and admiration are also its kinds of reward Asni. You're getting something out of what you're putting your energy in. I agree it's difficult to work in such conditions like strictness, people feel less creative in these kinds of circumstances.

Hello everyone, after listening to the audio and meditating on the concepts and studies that are exposed in them, I would like to make you participate in two ideas:

In my personal experience at work, the spirit of improvement has motivated me more than the economic incentive.
On a professional level, I have been responsible for technical teams where the economic incentive was the idea of some but not all, individual economic needs always have the last word.

I have observed that when the group of workers forms a team with a clear and fixed idea, the proposed objectives are achieved, either to earn more money or to improve processes

At this moment in my life, money is very important to me so I would be a lot motivated if my boss put some economic incentives for achievement in my job, but I'm really motivated for independence knowing that I can support myself, take my own decisions. buy my own stuff and save money to reach what I want, without taking a fee from my parents and let them spend their money only on them.