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A talk about motivation

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I do not actually know how to answer this question because I am quite struggling on how to keep motivated in my current job. At first, I really enjoyed being a teacher. Seeing my students go out of the room with newly acquired knowledge on my subject really feels satisfying. But that is not my problem. It is actually the work environment and the toxic people around me in that workplace. This caused me to think about quitting and getting a new job or enrolling to grad school. However, I cannot quit as of the moment and get a new job because this pandemic makes it hard to find one. So I just keep on thinking that I am doing this for the kids and for my country. Sometimes, the money also keep me motivated because I get paid relatively higher than other public school teachers.

Being surrounded by positive and warm people is the most significant matter that motivated me not to mentioned how much the salary is

That is a good question, even being here for learning a language we will expect a good comment or feedback of tutor, it could be an appealing evaluation of tutor for students.
I think that an incentive can give everyone a lot of motivation to do something. Even If I hear a good word, such as you are doing well this, and I'd inspire by this word.

The fact of being “ independent” it’s what motivates me in my job,as I’m 21 years old living abroad with no parents.

my motivation in my daily work is when i get better result, but also when my value is recognised.

Time to graduate from college

My best motivate was when i saw mom and all family are very happy

I think there are many kinds of motivation. Some of them are material but some are not. You can be motivated by bonus (extra money to your salary at the end of the project if the thing will go well) or promotion (once again we're talking about money - the bigger salary). But, you can be motivated not only by money but by fame or respect as well. It's good to know you're the best employee in your company or to see your photo on the honour board.
Of course, money is money and everybody wants to earn more but it's only one side.
People also want to leave a mark in history, to be respected and recognized. It's a good motivation in many fields (sports, culture, science).
Definitely, money plus fame is the best combination ever but sometimes we have to make an important choice between bread and glory. And bread doesn't always win, you know.
So, I totally agree with the main idea of this topic - money and promotion aren't the only way to motivate people nowadays. And many different kinds of research prove that statement.

My motivation goes up when I achieve my goals especially when I success in an exam then I am so motivated to study.

I guess the most important idea related with the motivation is to love what you do... if you like your job you will do an excellent job , to give people rewards is not necessary for achieving goals in the company.