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A talk about motivation

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Upper intermediate: B2


Actually my goals motivate me in most cases , when I want to reach specific achievements like learning English to have a good job ,I work hard without any incentive from anyone , I can get motivated also when I’m interested in what I’m doing and also I’m agree to that having enough time to get tasks done without stress makes me more creative, good and especial results makes me proud regardless any incentive

What I like the most is to be included into complex projects where I can get some new and fresh ideas or where I can develop my management skills.
If I have the chance to select the members of my team and organise the schedules when we are going to be connected, I will be absolutely engaged.

In my opinion, I say that motivation is important for the person to receive the result after a great effort he did in his work. On the other hand, the person must be open to himself and work diligently in order to relax mentally.

It depends. For the current job , the incentives work. If it is related to my future, just the ambition motivates me.

it is often deplorable when you have to work twice as much as the others to be up to the task but it should not weaken us

is it a real speech ???if so , how can i get the full version ???
any help is appreciated

Hello ragamin,

We use material from a range of sources on LearnEnglish but I think this text was prepared by the British Council specially for this lesson, so it doesn't have a full version. I'm glad you found it interesting, though!



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Unfortunately, in my job, the only incentive is to receive the profits participation of company. Well. As we work with sells, I think the results would be biggest, if my company created some extra incentive for those who sells more.

Hi, in my case, as the speaker said, I am motivated when I feel that my company treat me like a person who has a life outside. Also if I enjoy my work it is much better.

A determination to succeed motivates me in my endeavours.