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A talk about motivation

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Generally, this question might be considering in two different ways.
First part of one refers to my professional work. In my job, I have been rated by patients through several factors that's why the biggest incentive to pursue my career is smile on their lips after fixing the tooth. They pay special attention to taking a dental appointment without the pain. Either injection of anesthesia or treating the teeth should be making completely painlessly. If I can see a glad patient after visit, they will come again to fix their tooth. It means they have been relaxing during my work.
Second part of this question is related with my studies. I have degree of dentistry, but I decided to continue my education in other field, history. Reason of this study haven't connected with earn for living. That's why the remarks aren't the most important issue as a incentive. I have always wanted to have deep knowledge in various areas of life. To be honest, get high self-esteem and self-confidece motivate me to study. Therefore, I think it isn't last word in my education.

Thinking about my future dreams of being successful in life motivates me to keep studying harder to achieve those dreams .

the thing that motivates me to study that if i hard study now i can easy find a good job in the future and earn much money more easier.

What motivates you in your job or studies?

I think if the relationship between managers and workers is honestly all of them will work motivated.

There are many things which could make my studies sessions enjoyable like starting lessons after 10 a.m., listening to the teacher sitting on a comfortable armchair( chairs are too uncomfortable at school, expecially for tall guys like me!) and doing different homework than usual... I hate monotony and doing same boring things everyday!
However nowadays there is none of this. I think it's important to reach a result and not how I will reach it. Everyone has a different routine and nobody could treat us at the same way! I hope something will change in the future.

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Hi!!!! Talking about the work, I would like to have more freedom on my work schedule, time to do personal things through the day without have the feeling of being everyday at work without time to do anything else; maybe more flexibilty on weekends or compensative days. Summarising, have time.



could you please advise why question 5 is true?
I couldn't find anything about future jobs in the passage.
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