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A talk about motivation

Listen to the talk about motivation to practise and improve your listening skills.

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There are many things which could make my studies sessions enjoyable like starting lessons after 10 a.m., listening to the teacher sitting on a comfortable armchair( chairs are too uncomfortable at school, expecially for tall guys like me!) and doing different homework than usual... I hate monotony and doing same boring things everyday!
However nowadays there is none of this. I think it's important to reach a result and not how I will reach it. Everyone has a different routine and nobody could treat us at the same way! I hope something will change in the future.

How can I download the file?

Hello Hazeliikoo

The easiest way to download the audio is to use a computer: just click on the audio player with the right mouse button and then choose 'Save As ...'

Happy listening!


The LearnEnglish Team

Hi!!!! Talking about the work, I would like to have more freedom on my work schedule, time to do personal things through the day without have the feeling of being everyday at work without time to do anything else; maybe more flexibilty on weekends or compensative days. Summarising, have time.



could you please advise why question 5 is true?
I couldn't find anything about future jobs in the passage.
thank you,

Hello SOBHI,

The speaker explains that non-creative jobs will become automated, leaving creative jobs for people to do:

And this all matters because more and more simple jobs will become automated. We'll be left with creative, problem-solving jobs that computers will never do.



The LearnEnglish Team

Hiya! I appreciate what the contents you've got on this site. But I/we would be more appreciative if you should make those audios and videos downloadable for offline use. I love those mellifluous voices. Please be kind to consider my earnest request. Best wishes.

In my opinion a requirement to produce a better performance is to enjoy the job, this means, the person need to enjoy the activities that him / her performs. Then, when they have flexibility in the job schedule and have opportunities to relax in the workplace, the posibilities that the people don't enjoy the job is decreased and therefore the performance is increased. That is my experience.

Hope i can get better and better for listening skill, it is a step by step progress