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A talk about motivation

Listen to the talk about motivation to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Upper intermediate: B2


for me it can be higher salary,good looking places with an interesting design and the creativity potential that the job has.also when i do things that have engaging audiences feedback (like making games) i am more motivated.

In my opinion the best incentive to do a good performance is to have a person that has a big leadership and that can direct your decision in doing something at work. I'am thinking to a boss, a chief or someone else that has an ascendent on you and that is a good example for all the members of a working group, something like a spirituale guide, an example to follow, not only at work, but generally also in your life.

How can I download the audio track?

Hello Sabiya,

I'm afraid the audio files are not available for download. You can, of course, listen as often as you like on the page.



The LearnEnglish Team

In my previous job as a aftersalesmanager in automotive they offered me a fix salary and in addition a bonus in growth revenue. After the first year I was obligated to ask after the first evaluation. Within the first five months there was a revenue increase of 5 %, in the sixth month our top mechanic felt sick and he was out for eight months caused by a hernia with no replacement on the workfloor. My bonus for the whole year was gone ! Now I'm looking for a new job with a better agreement.

What motivates you in your job or studies?

In my job, good working environment, good salary, good job nature motivates me a lot to work harder and even to do overtime. Also a job of my hobby and a job is important for my lifetime career is a lot matter for me as well.

In my studies, I like the subject, stories, abstracts and thesis are giving me greater knowledge and useful for my life. I also like to achieve higher grades and distinctions in my studies as well, and I believe that is motivating me a lot to study harder to achieve greater results.

When I was student, the best thing that motivated me when I work was the fear of failure. When I think that I’ll fail if I don’t work, I am more and more motivated. On the other hand, I like to be free in my choice, It’s bit difficult for me when I am constrained to work on a thing that I don’t like, I am less motivate.

I found the exercises very interesting. They motived me to do more exercises and learn more English.

When I create something that is meaniful to me, I will be motivating.

The audio of the listening is not downloadable. I think there should be a download option for the listening and the tasks so that the people can download them and share with friends.