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Creating a study group

Listen to the conversation about creating a study group to practise and improve your listening skills.

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I had a study group with my prof and some of my best classmates. We were studied management theories every week and reviewed our notes. That was a good way to memorize theories. That study group makes us good friends to each other.

I've neither created nor been in a study group, I don't like to study with people, I prefer to study and stay alone.

I was like you. I preferred to study alone. But I experienced some good study group and now I tend to be a member of it. I suggest you to experience it for once.

Yes I have. It’s a good way to learn some difficult subject. It’s awesome because sometimes I can understand better in a study group than at class. A terrible important tip is to join with people who are disciplined and like to study. Other ways you can get bad habits and you will waste valuable time.

According to my experience, a study group is a very effective way that could assist and encourage students to improve themselves and profit from each other's ideas and tips. However there is always pros and cons: some students are so apathetic and do not prepare well, they just rely on the others and don't even give an effort.

Working a group is better than working a lone as well as studying a group is much more benefit than a lone. Therefore, we can discuss and share all of thing together, but it is crucial thing that we should choose people concern also about the same goal. If not, we are easily to make something get annoyed. Then we can't feel more comfortable each other, so we sperate it.
In our job, f we have a great group the same ideas, we can overwork a number of difficulties. This is one of reason, we will succeed with the best group. The more we understand together, the more we achieve our goal.

I found the podcasts absolutely fantastic, they are absolutely perfect, the quiz also helps to make sure that we have understood the podcast accurately, I would like to thank you for this great job, by the way, is it possible to download the audio file, is so, I would be thankful if you tell me how does that work.

Hi Mahdi.t78,

Thanks for your kind comments :)

Yes, you can download the audio if you right-click on the audio player (the grey bar). Then, choose the 'Save audio as ...' option.

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I remember once a little group of study when I was at University. We formed a group of four people but it was a completely mess because one of them was very talkative and other girl was always distracted , so my friend an I decided not to participate anymore. After this experience we decided to look for people with similar intereset and personalities by an interview. It really worked.

No, but I have created a group to make a study presentation in school. It was a little bit tiresome to guide, but it went good in the end.