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The last movie I saw is (1917), I loved the movie, It's about two British solider in the world war 1. I liked it because it makes you live with the characters. Also, the most impressive thing is they had taken the film in a single shot. I highly recommend you to see this movie.

Sorry I didn’t mention the movie it was titanic

I’ll talk about a film which I love it most , not last one I had seen ,because I affected by it very much As it was a real story as well the professional actors and huge production .I emotionally connected to all the events but I was sad about the ending nevertheless i saw that movie more than once.

The last movie I saw was Paddington 2. I was impressed by this movie because the characters were amazing, and the pace of the story keeps you on hold. The story talks about
a bear ‘Paddington’ that lives in London.
Paddington wants to buy a popup book for his aunt Lucy’s birthday but he doesn’t have enough money so he starts working as window cleaner. One day while he returns back home from work he sees stealings the book and tries to catch the thief. Unfortunately he has been arrested for the theft and the family tries to catch the real theft. But now I don’t want to spoiler the film to you. I can't recommend it enough!

The last movie I saw was Shutter Island. I was impressed by this movie because the characters were amazing, and the pace of the story keeps you on hold. , the story talks about the internal conflict experienced by a man who is a psychiatric patient, on a personal level, the film affected me a lot since I have a brother with a mental disorder.

The last film I watched at the cinema was The Irishman. I had great expectations because of the cast and the director, and I bought the ticket two weeks before it went on, but it was so frustrating that I left the room after 90 min. It was time enough to understand that it was no originality at all and it had a boring plot that didn't trigger my interest in him. In fact, the film was nominated for many categories in the Oscar, but went home empty-handed...

I'd like to ask a question: why does the reviewer say "I can't recommend it enough" in the end as she liked so much the second film?

Thank you

Hello rerre,

The expression I can't recommend it enough is quite common in reviews. It means that however positive the reviewer is, the film is still better. In other words, it's impossible to exaggerate how good the film is.



The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you for your explanation! It's surprising that that expression has a positive meaning.

The last film i watched was'Wildlife'. I thought that partners should has considerations for each other decisions as regard facing life's challenges.

Well, that was a long time ago, to be more precise,2016. 4 years ago. The name of the film was "Jumanji". I liked that film a lot. I had no expectations or wishes, I've never heard of that film before. I heard that the 1. part of it was filmed in 90s but that's all I knew. All around, it was a very, very, very good film.