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Well, that was a long time ago, to be more precise,2016. 4 years ago. The name of the film was "Jumanji". I liked that film a lot. I had no expectations or wishes, I've never heard of that film before. I heard that the 1. part of it was filmed in 90s but that's all I knew. All around, it was a very, very, very good film.

The last film I saw with my family in the cinema was "Dr. Dolittle 2".It's a cute, crude and good-hearted movie about a doctor who can listen and talk to the animals. It's a movie aimed at younger audiences who enjoy with cute animals, the simple plot ,wiithout deep study, and a broad humor along the movie.
The main actor "Eddie Murphy" is funny and magic.

So this is good but I can not do the Task 1/2 and Trancsript. I do not know why I try it with out log in and with log in and on the mobile and I can not open it... But it is okay. I can talk about Marvel films I love them. Captain America and Guardians of galaxy everyone know this.. It is the best and Im waiting on new BlackWidow. It will be in April. But Im really scared I can not go to cinema because CO-VID19.

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Actually its been along time since i watched a film, and the last one i remember watching is birdbox .It was quite good but i didnt like the ending scene i found it really boring .

The last movie I saw was the constant gardener( el jardineri fiel) in my poin of view its a critica movie and hard , its agains with the companys of pharmacits. Its about an English gentel diplomatic who is sent it to the Kenyaan Embassy to work, he tooks his wife wiht him, her name is Tessa, and she is a tenacious activist that fights for the right of the poor peoples. she faind out a powerfull pharmacist firm (3 bees) is trailling a new drug amongst the Africans. She is more involved and she is murdered in a trip to the nort of Kenya and her husband dicided to uncover the truth behiind the dead of his wife, with no regards for the consequences.

The last film that i saw, was ME BEFORE YOU. In my opinion, it was beautiful, fun and emotional. I love romantic movies and it met in my expectations. It had spectacular images and the actors got perfectly into the script. It also makes you reflect on topics such as how complicated life can be for a paralyzed person, how his personality changes, how his way of seeing life changes, how others react to seeing it and how love can change everything. This movie leaves a beautiful message.

The last movie that i watched was "Uncut Gems", produced and starring Adam Sandler. Unlike the usual comedies, in this film, the sensations of drama and suspense are increasing as the story progresses.
Shows us what day-to-day of New Yorker jeweler is like, as greed floods the protagonist and thus alteers the rythim of thr film with a frenetic feeling of always betting on more without seeing the risks it brings to its customers, bussines, family and even its own existence.
I love it.

Hi everyone,

The last movie that I watched was "The Two Pope". That movie take place in Vaticano, where the last Pope quitted to be a Christian church leader because he felt tired and exhausted.

The story starts when the current Pope "Bendectico XVI" decides to give up. He called to cardinal who is against with her ideas. The name of the cardinal is Jorge Mario Bergolio. After the call, both talk about their life and problems that Christian church is facing.

At the end, Jorge Bergolio become a new Pope despite of he wanted to retire to Christian church.

To sum up, the story was adapted by director and is unreal. However, it was interesting because I could understand how is the life in Vaticano.

Why she would say (that wouldn't be a film review if she going to say the review? I didn't get the idea of the sentence
And another thing : hopefully explain (would )here grammatically?