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Upper intermediate: B2


Hello fidaasiddig

Just before this, the reviewer says that the film was so bad that she doesn't want to speak about it any more. But then she says that if she stopped speaking about the film, she wouldn't be able to give a review of it, which is her purpose in this programme. Therefore she continues. Does that make more sense?

'wouldn't be a film review' is part of a second conditional structure. She means that if she stopped speaking about the film (which is not what she does, because she does continue speaking about the film), then her programme would not be a review.

I hope that clears it up for you, but please let us know if you have any further questions.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

I recently saw the film Jojo Rabbit. It's a comedrama about nazi Germany. I found it very clever, funny and heart-warming, but without overdoing it, which is not easy when dealing with such a sensitive part of history. I think in this day and age, when there are less and less victims of the holocaust left alive and more people denying history, it's important for cinema and art in general to celebrate the victory of dialogue, understanding and love over hatred.

I remember that I sowed film called (the ringer) about a guy who fraud his identity to be a man with disability even he is really not in order to win an athletic competition and take the money of the award as there is a man he work with who'd lost his fingers in work accident and need money to fix them back
As the main character kept pretending to be disabled man he made lot of friendships with boys with disabilities live with in the special needs centre I helped him win the competition while he was falling in love with his teacher and supervisor , in the end he admitted what he'd done in the the award handling in the end of the race his teacher get shocked and slapped him in the face , then his disabled friends convinced her with his good intentions and forgave him and felt in love with him.
The film actually made my hold my breath that in any minute the truth will be revealed so it was so exited and funny to some degree

The last movie that i saw was Bad Boys 3
Have past a lot of years since the last one, the mix betwen Martyn Laurence and Will Smith it's always funny to watch, those characters are so differents and Martyn is so funny, this last film was filled of latin themes, they have latin songs and artist from latin America, I recommend It, you are going to have a great time watching this movie.

Last movie which I've watched was "Peter's friends". It was created in 1992. But I like this movie a lot! First of all I like actors: Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry and Emma Thompson. The movie is a fascinating story about 5 friends who met after hadn't seen each other for 10 years. It was an idea of Peter (Stephen Fry) to invite his friends for New Year Party. Peter's father passed away not so recently and he inherited his family mansion. He hadn't had any idea about what to do with it further. Besides of this Peter wanted to tell his friends very important secret about himself. When his friends arrived you started to understand that each of them has his or her own life with problems and happiness. But what is more important each of them saved value of their friendship. And apparently it would take some time to get used to each other, to new traits of character's which appeared during this 10 years. But in the end they again became the same friends as 10 yeas ago. In my opinion this movie not only about friendship but also about how important it is to understand other people and be tolerable to their weaknesses. I don't want to tell you the whole plot of this movie. Just watch this movie and have your own opinion about it. You also will find what secret Peter has and why for him it is so important to share it with his best friends.

It was "The jocker" and I watched it with my friends at the cinema.
I am neither an expert nor a reviewer, but It was a masterpiece from my perspective. The movie's atmosphere was pretty dark, and I love this kind of atmosphere in the movies and games. The protagonist was an amazing character. But unfortunately, the people in the cinema theater was very annoying, they were talking and laughing during almost all of the movie. But overall, it was a great experience :).

I have completed the lesson for 'Film Review'. The level I chose was Upper Intermediate B2.

x-men : Dark Phoenix
simply it was fantastic.i love comics books and their cinematic world.x-men has always been one of my favorites,and dark phoenix had even more.seeing again x-men heroes together,like professor x,magneto,mystique and of course jean was wonderful.jean is the main character and is acted by sophie turner ,she was really into her role, and i think she was the best choice.

also cgi was new and greatly performed.the pace was good and events where well designed so that u dont get bored.the story is attractive too and ends properly.

Lost in translation

I don't remember the last time I watched a movie which had made me feel as If I were watching certain type of life tour of someone, and the pace is the reason why, it was superb, special, and most importantly,different, but still real when changing the series of the common ups and downs to focus on the psychology of the characters, enough to not be felt as something atypic.

The plot deals with the concept of non-belonging, that is represented in a grim portrait of tokyo (the place where the story is held) that hides underneath those colorful buildings, now, regardring the visual section, the movie doesn't address any special effect, and that is the arty of most of the independent films.

Needless to say, , indeed, it is worth it when it comes to be a way of improving your listening skills when watching it. Give it a try.

What was the last film you watched? What did you think of it?

The last film I watched was "Dumbo" and it was a very nice film! I like it because it made me to remember my childhood life, for watching it's cartoon version movie. Of course, cartoon movie and real 3D animated has some differences on perspectives, but the main theme of the story is the same. It was about a magical baby elephant with big ears, born in circus environment, and that could fly, which is exceeding all the people and animals' expectations about that baby elephant. A lot of people and fellow elephants mocked that baby's big ears, but those big ears were meant to fly.

Anyway, that film had my all favorite actors and actress. Such as Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny Devito and Eva Green.