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Getting advice

Listen to someone getting advice from a friend to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


Hello team, my greatest anxiety is when I do not meet the marks target in my studying. For example, last year when I had a plan to get an A from the subject of bibliographic control and thinks got different when I had B+ Instead

Dear team.
From the lesson above.
'Maybe even a lot'
Is that the same if he say :' maybe happening many time' ?
Is it same meaning or not??
Thank you very much for your answer

Hi Fahri, from my perspective about the above lesson, when Ben says "Maybe even a lot' i think he means to express the feeling that he has gone through those panic attacks or the related that he doesn't remember and the even a lot of that feeling.

Hello fahri,

The phrase here describes how bad the speaker's struggles have been, not how often:

Ben: I have to admit, I'm struggling a bit. Maybe even a lot. I've not been sleeping well at all and then I can't concentrate. And all these things are just going around and around in my head.

The contrast here is struggling a bit (not such a terrible problem) and maybe even a lot (a serious problem).



The LearnEnglish Team

I can't tell you how much I appreciate this answer. Thanks a lot sir

What makes me anxious really that i always think about raising my children probably and accustoming them to healthy habits, also another problem which is I’m struggling a bit in learning English because some times I need to listen more and more to understand because of pronunciation as sometimes not clear to me and that makes me annoyed , also difficulty in achieving my goals gets me nervous sometimes because of not having enough time to realize what I want

I have to admit that nervousness and anxiety are part of my life cause by the lack of confidence in every situation i pass throught. sometimes i tremble, but i have already started to get over it by listenning good musics.

Exams, of course!
Thinking about future usually make me nervous and so doing the past.
Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped in the past and I don’t like it.

Nowadays I am especially anxious after my salary was reduced during the Covid -19, and it's been hard to make ends meet.

What makes me nervous or anxious It´s thinking about my future.