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Getting advice

Listen to someone getting advice from a friend to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


What make me nervous or anxious is normally on achievement of a particular goal or task.

This practice is very good, I guess it is so real because you make scared when you have big exam. I mean Maturita this is exam in our country and it is so hard. It is test by Czech language, English language or Math and your skills of this school. I mean like Mechanic or Teacher or Doctor.

Actually, there are lots of things that make me nervous one of them is being scared to not be able to achieve something that i really want to acomplish not because i do not feel confident of my myself its just because sometimes i feel like I am not working enough.

You will succeed!I wish you the best!Life is too short but you can do so a lot!

when i have to do medical test, over all, magnetic resonance. It's to hard doing this test to me. Beacuse you must to go into a kind
of metal tunnel and the space is very reduced. You feel pretty claustrophobic, you feel there's no any air, and you can feel you're short
of breath Besides, this machine makes a lot of noise, in fact you must to use ear plugs. I feel quite anxious and i dread going into this
machine You can't move during the test, this makes more difficult the situation, because you know if you move, the test has to be repeated.
i learnt to not lossing the control in this kind of medical tests and got over it, my distraction plan was, thinking about pleased things or
maybe i start to make up stories on my mind, i imagine i'm a football player and i'm helping my team to win the championship. It's indispensable
thinking about enjoyable things although it's not easy, in fact there are new medical therapies for coming over it about this sort of phobies and even there are some hospitals
that include gadgets for entertaiment you during the test.

I didn't felt like that ever until i began learn english, sometimes i feel like I'm stuck and iI don't know what else i have to do to understand it...

I would say that have had a lot of stressful situation in my life, so that cause some problem such as anxiety or panic attack, I get anxious sometimes as I came in place, and there were a lot of people ( all of them expecting to talk or to be more included),but u need more time for that, someone calls that social anxiety

What makes me nervous is to meet stupid people .

I think you nervous about is stupid.clear brains won't pay attention to they:)

it may sound weird but I feel anxious when I see crowded places,either in photos or in real life,I just feel like if get in I will not be able to get out,like I am going to get stuck in for good.