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Joining a gym

Listen to the conversation about joining a gym to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Actually, I have never looked for a gym, but a think is important in a gym the machines, the size, the trainer and the atmosphere to do exercise.

I never went to gym. I'm doing exercise in home. This is very helpful and I'm very fit. In this covid period, India's facing second wave. I'm very careful in this time. I Never go out.when I go out I wear double mask and necessary precautions. Hope God will help us.

to be honest, i need a gym that can improve my fitness rate,because i practice soccer playing weekly,may be once or twice a week,so for example i need to increase my ability to quickly change my body position in the playground,besides , my ability to run fast to cope with the soccer world development.

There are a lot of points I have to take them into consideration when I look for a gym, the most important thing is the location: After a long time of working, I would totally not have the wellness to spend another two hours on the road. Another thing is the membership cost: I would check out a few different gyms in my area. they may differ depending on the type of plan you are taking. I would ask cautiously about services, if there are any extra costs of hiring a personal trainer and whether they are a well qualified trainer and if the hall and facilities are super clean and enquire about the opening hour and finally check the quality of equipment

Well, three years ago I used to look for only two things. First, location, the closer gym the better. And second, the cost, the cheapest the better. But I changed my mind and now I prefer to train at home. I searched about alternatives ways of training then I started to practice calisthenics. I think it’s pretty good way to train as long as you have discipline and good habits. You are free to decide where and when train. And it’s for free!!

I don´t really like gym. I prefer doing exercise at home or running outside, but if I have to look for a good one I would like to find one near home and with qualified staff to help you in your training.

I look if the equipment is good and how long it works by day. Also, I would search for a gym near my house.

When I go to Gym, I always look to run on treadmill.

Good evening, I'm wondering why the last sentence is true: the customer wasn't convinced so the receptionist offered him a free pass for the day. I know that almost every gym give a free pass for a day but in this case it is not explicit.

Thank you for your patience and for your answer :)

Hi andreaz98,

I understand question 8 as referring to this particular visit from this customer. So, I'd choose 'True' for this, because the gym does offer him a sample visit (i.e. the free pass).

We can also understand question 8 with a more general meaning, i.e. not only about this time and this customer. But, I would still choose 'True' for this. From the listening, we know that the gym can offer a sample visit - even if that offer is conditional on a customer being unconvinced, as you pointed out. But question 8 doesn't specify any conditions for offering the visit, so we should consider all possible offer situations as relevant. This is still an offer of a sample visit (although possibly on condition that the customer is unconvinced), so I'd consider question 8 to be true.

What do you think?


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