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Office party planning

Listen to the conversation with an event planner to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Upper intermediate: B2


I was solved many problems on phone. When my friends feels any problems related to study they they call me and asked solutions for it. I liked to solve friend's problem. My friends appreciate my knowledge. In this time covid is very dangerous in my country. I'm sad to see this situation.

Kids shouldn't use a phone after10.00 pm....that's what I was told by my parents. :0

actually, nowadays we face problems daily because of the social distancing and we have to tackle them on the phone appropriately, so this requires patience and flexibility. Face to face is totally better as the communication is not just based on the tune of a person, but there other ways a person can explain his/her ideas in a perfect way such as mimics, gestures body movements. however, the phone is very helpful since it shortens and saves time.

As I read before in several comments I prefer to don’t solve a problem on the phone. I like to talk face to face. I think it’s the best way cause your corporal language can be a plus and you may feel more comfortable when you see the other person. Last discuss I had was one year ago. I had to solve a university problem. Unfortunately there was no solution then I had to go and solve it in person.

Well, erm...I always have to discuss something about a service or product because I work as a customer assistant, so it´s my day. When I have to solve the issue I listen actively to the client and try to offer the best option to him, even if I have to pass note to another department and takes time to reach an agreement. You have to be very patient...

Well, I remember the last time I had to discuss a problem on the phone was something around two weeks ago. I was trying to solve a problem about a party I had paid but that I didn't want to go because the moment we're living right now isn't propitious to celebrate (with or without security measures).

It was last month when school organized a trip. I discussed with my friends about our party food and drinks. It was better to discuss on phone rather than sending emails .

Usually, I prefer to solve that kind of problems by going in person to the office, because phone calls are not ideal in such situations. Moreover, technical assistance might not be as good as expected or there might be some misunderstanding, and sometimes many calls are necessary to get your problem solved. Unfortunatley, I had an issue with my credit card a few months ago. As I wasn't in Spain, I had no choice but to try to fix it by calling the customer service of my bank. I admit I was extremely worried and didn't expect much from them, luckily, the assistance didn't meet my expectations and was very good actually. I could have my credit card working again in a short time and I was happy with the service.

I don't like talking about problems on phone. In my opinion, it's just a waste of time if the person is not engaged in the conversation fully. Talking face to face helps humans to fully-in, in the topic they are discussing. But when it's really important and one has no options then only I prefer to discuss something really important.

I don’t remember when was the last time that I have a discussion by phone, I think that I’m not really good discussing I get upset easily so I just hung up when the other person explode or start to tell me lies or whatever. But how I read before in one comment and I agree that discuss by phone could be good because you can call immediately when the problem arise and get a quick solution.