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Talking about rumours

Listen to two people talking about a colleague to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


I'm a student and I don't have experience working with boss but listen audio and read all comment I said that a good boss is being like a leader who always motivate people in the office, appreciate team's success, always polite to teams and don't credit for other work.

A good Boss can make the relationship between him/her and the employees very strong and based on respect and kindness so the boss should be kind and respectful enough to be a good boss. On the other side when a boss has no vision and gives negative feedback to employees and creates a high-stress work environment then we can call him/her bad boss

I think what makes a good or bad boss is the intelligence, lead ability and emotional intelligence. For me intelligence means do the right things at the right moment. Furthermore I feel a good boss need the ability to hold his team’s motivation even under stress. But the most important thing is that a good boss should lead whit the example. On the other hand, a bad boss is someone who simply don’t feel passion for what he does, thus he won’t respect neither his work place, nor his team, and so on.

according to my opinion a good boss should manage and divide her/his team properly and he/she is should be a leader. also, he should look at his team with an understanding perspective, because ideas are constantly changing.
nevertheless sometimes we can have some conflicts with each other and for this every employee and their colleagues should be considarate towards each other.

Good bosses usually are understandable and respectful to the workers, talking pacifically to them and making them understand when something is wrong.

A Good teacher should be qualified enough to teach students. He should keep difference between good and weak students. Teacher or Boss should be kind to his juniors or students so that they can learn from their teacher whole heartedly.

In my opinion, a good boss should know his rights and obligations, make the right decisions at the right time, be able to lead his team effectively following an accurate strategy. Honesty, empathy, cleverness, respect and emotional intelligence are some of his qualities. Furthermore, he should be a qualified, skilled person and experienced in managing people. It is necessary for a boss to know how to motivate his people, recognize their work, demonstrate trust and be not only a boss who gives orders but also the mentor who inspires, helps and gives advice when it is necessary.

A good bose must be a good leader, who leads his team and address them as equal. When someone does well in the team his/her responsibilities must be appreciated team's work so they can perform well their daily or given task happily. On the other hand, a bad boss who doesn't support or cheer for his/her team for their performance should not be a leader.

A good boss must be a coach, make his team able to take good decisions and fix problems by themselves, it must encourage his team, listen, learn and not get upset when the team are not agree with some of the ideas. It must be confidence and readiness. Like boss or a person in a high position could look scary to others in the company, likewise is really unfair and gets me mad when those people take advantage of his power and hurt people, steal his ideas or abuse them in any other way.

I reckon a good boss is the one who is able to treat his/her employees as a leader and as a friend at the same time. Besides, he or she should be able to communicate with the rest of the team in an assertive way. Many times, they (bosses) are under preasure because they usually have huge responsabilities, and this fact makes that they treat you rudely.
Cheers from Madrid.