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Talking about rumours

Listen to two people talking about a colleague to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


I have completed the lesson for 'Talking about rumours'. The level I chose was Upper Intermediate B2.

the least thing a good boss has is acting according to accepted laws and his commitments.also if he or she has a close relationship with others and a good understanding of their situation,that ll make him/her much better boss.

on the other hand a bad boss is one that ignores his workers rights or worst, behave them inappropriately because he/she knows that they need the job and cant leave.

What makes whether a good or a bad boss is regarding to the approach given in the work atmosphere that developes either with interpersonal relationships and its success at its business, now, arguably, there is sometimes a common misconception which considers a boss as someone who should always be willing to get along with the staff, which is partly true but which is also relegated to people susceptibility to ignore (due to their own problems) that such possition comprises a requirement of several skills that the majority may not agree with as for instance being rude and strict.


"then when the project actually got started – it was that cars one – Susanne was moved to something else."

What does 'it was that cars one' mean?

Thanks in advance.

Hello corflz

I'd say the speaker is specifying which project got started, i.e. it was the car project that got started just when Susanne was moved.

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The LearnEnglish Team

I think a good boss is who has a good behaviour, gives out assignments fairly, and doesn't take it upon themselves to interfere personal lives of employees. Also having a good relationship and open to constructive criticism are very crucial factors of a boss for a good collaboration with other colleagues.

Dear Team,
I'd like to refer to Task1/third line:The correct answer is ''False'', because,in fact, Susanne was the original creator of the cars ideas, according to the transcript, or am I wrong?

Hello nikoslado

Yes, you are right -- sorry for any confusion. I've fixed the exercise so that number 3 in Task 1 is false. Thanks for pointing this out to us!

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The LearnEnglish Team

There are several factors by which a boss's function may be assumed as productive or destructive. If they delegated tasks to the staff, it would make them motivated and initiative. That means managers should grant them as enough freedom so that they can find the best way to achieve the goal. Although the main framework has been already defined therefor the team members are supposed to consider it as a whole. It doesn't mean that the boss wouldn't intervene in any stage of the process until the project advanced. The members are obligated to report the progress while they get to predefined milestones.

Hello everyone
some factors which really make a boss good or bad , depends on his attitude and insight and the way of his management , how he communicates with personnel, how he could prepare them to motivate each other and how he could make them be eager to enjoy working at work place and in which way he creates a nice feeling of cooperation within them , to get them involved offering the innovative and creative ideas and advises in order to improve and upgrade the company. he/she should instantly offer the best ways to solve the problems and worries in order to make the work place quite safe.
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