A restaurant menu

Read a menu to practise and improve your reading skills. 

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text
Tony's Kitchen
231 reviews
Chicken, Pizzas, Vegetarian
17 Broad Street
Opening at 11:30
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Language level

A1 English level (elementary)

What would you like to have?

I would like to order, steak with salad, a fresh food salad and a glass of red wine, please.

what would you like to eat !
I would like to eat girlled chicken and steak...
and in my country i like to eat traditionnel plates like something it called chakhchoka and zfiti... they are Algerian food...
In the last i would like to say to the admins of this siteweb thanks a lot....

I would like to eat capsicum with spicy chili. I love to eat healthy food it makes me strong and energetic. I don't eat junk food and any kind of food outside the house in fact I don't go to restaurants to eat. I prefer to eat food in my house and in vegetables, I love to eat capsicum and bhindi.

What would you like to have?

I would love to eat Chinese food with some cold drinks.

What would you like to have?
I like all kinds of food: meat, fish, chicken, egg an vegetable.
I eat a lot, sometimes I drink milk tea, that's why I am fat.
I realize that I need to slim fit, so I pay attention on what I eat everyday, drink water instead of milk tea or coke, eat more vegetable and play rope 100 times every morning. Hope I can loose weight soon.

For today's breakfast. I would like a homemade carrot cake and a cup of coffee, please.
This cake looks delicious! and a cup of coffee combines with everything.

I would like to eat cheese and a cup of tea in the morning. my favorite food is a slice of steak meat at the dinner.

What would you like to have?
I am a foodies and I love to eat all types of the food from different countries.
I love to have pizza, pasta, mushroom omelet, vegetable chili, fruit salad with cream, homemade banana cake and tea.
I prefer vegetable and fruit more than meat and fish.
Please kindly deliver my order before lunch time. Thank you.

Sorry I've misunderstood. It only writes ice-cream and homemade keyword is not included.

I would like to have a vegetarian dish, for example a pizza with a lot of cheese on it.

I would like to eat in the morning after wake up. I love to drink hot lemon water. After that, I eat some fruits like grapes and oranges. And some eggs. At lunch, I eat pulses, vegetables, salad, and chapati. For dinner, I eat light food like rice and pluses with salad. I don't like to drink tea and coffee because it is not good for my health. It has been a long time since eaten Chinese food. I love to eat healthy food.

What would you like to have?
I'd like many different food to have based on my mood. in the morning I'd like to drink some juice and mushroom omelette with some cheese. I prefer to have full at lunch, steak , pasta or pizza are good choices. But for dinner I'd like to some fish, with a bottle of water, some fruits and vegetables.

1 - Steak with chips or salad
2 - Fresh fruit salad with grapes, mango, melon, and apple, served with cream or ice cream
3 - Orange juice

I would like to have pizza , But before the pandemic we was go to Lebanese ristorante they have nice menu i like to eats humoes with mix Kebab . I hope to test it , sure you are like it.

I am very hungry. I want to eat pizza. I like pizza. I met my friends on saturday and we ate pizza. It was very delicious.

I would like to have a grilled fish served with homemade banana cake and a cup of coffee.
l'd like to have a steak and bottle of water. chocolate cake emmmm so great like a dessert
I would like to eat steak with chips and salad. For dessert I would order Fruit salad with cream, and to top it off a cup of coffee.
I would like to have a soup of the day with brown bread, a homemade banana cake and a cup of tea.
I would like to eat a homemade banana cake and a cup of coffee, because in my country these days we have freezing days. So, I would like to eat something hot and delicious. :)
I would like to eat chicken, red wine and cake. I'm a north indian so I like spicy food. I don't like too much vegetarian.
Mmm... All the dishes seem so tasty and delicious! gosh! Well, I'd like to start having a steak with a double portion of chips if possible, then a roast tomato pasta dish. Then the vegetarian pizza along with a mushroom omelet. And finally two chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce. For drinking, please, I'd like to have a cup of coffee and a squeezed-fresh orange juice.
I'd like to have a grilled fish of the day... And then a cup of tea with homemade banana cake... Please...
I'd like to have some rice with grilled chicken .Also a powl of salad with olive oil and veniger. Addition to cup of orange juice.
I'm vegetarian and obviusly i would like to eat something without meat. I would like eat mushroom omelette and soup of the day with brown bread and i would like drink one glass of a red wine and i don't like eat dessert, thanks!
I would like to have a Grilled fish of the day, a glass of red wine and for dessert a slice of carrot cake.