A study timetable

Read a study timetable for a week in summer school in England to practise and improve your reading skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text

Monday to Wednesday

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday
9.00 English level test Vocabulary Whole day excursion to London or Oxford
10.00 English skills: Speaking English skills: Reading
11.00 Preparation for excursion Preparation for excursion
12.00 Lunch Lunch
13.00 Project class Project class
15.00 Art Basketball
17.00 Free time Free time
18.00 Dinner Dinner Dinner
19.00 Swimming Football tournament Cinema
21.00 Free time Free time Free time

Thursday to Sunday

  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


Grammar Vocabulary Grammar Late breakfast
10.00 English skills: Speaking English skills: Listening Progress test English skills: Writing
11.00 Games with English Drama Drama Preparation for excursion
12.00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13.00 Project class Project class Theatre trip Excursion to local castle or museum
15.00 Circus skills Mountain biking
17.00 Free time Free time
18.00 Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
19.00 Bowling Talent show Disco Free time / packing
21.00 Free time Free time Free time Free time / packing
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Language level

A1 English level (elementary)
In my point of view, I think this timetable also good because we need to make a plan carefully as much as possible to achieve our goal. But I prefer to make a flexible plan to make a stable plane that makes me more comfortable with my working time.
Hello everybody who enjoyed learning English! This presented timetable closely oriented for multinational students as we all. List at the top made for close interaction beatween students in order to share knowlage of knowing English.
i would prefer go to school or university like this bxz it has many things to do for example; i can go every where and do some interesting things...
I love to go to such a school, as there are many interesting activities that can be done. I like it when you could learn and enjoy your leisure time. I think the process of learning will be a lot of fun where you can practice different kinds of exercises that build up your body " physically" and your mind as well.
Yes! I would like to go to a school like this. It must be exciting! If I have a friend in the school..
i do really like this school, each day is well organized , contained curriculum, excursion, tournament and activity, still have much spare time for rest.
I never want to go, because I dislike coming under dicipline. I must be free. And free is happy.
Yes, I would like that since everything is organized and they mix learning with fun. I hope I would had joined to such a school.
Sorry, I don't like to go to a school now because I have completed my graduation last 1995. At the moment I am doing a full time job besides when I have time doing some IELTS online practice which is organized by British Council and it is very helpful for me. Also, I do believe everyone will be benefited those who are not going to the school now.
I would love to go to a school which has a timetable like this, though I have to take birth again. This timetable is well organized with a lot of extra curricular activities and excursion. Moreover, they have tried to make learning as a fun which is the most attractive part of this timetable.
Yes I would like to go to a school like this because it seems organized and has a lot of activities .
I finished my school but when I was student, I didn't use the timetable like this. Of course, using of timetabe is very good to learn English language.
Sure, I'd like. The best way to you learn a language is travel to some country, your knowledge increase much faster than you stay studying at home. For it you need to save your money for a long time, unfortunately, but it worth it so much!
it got to be a very cool school, the timetable has a variety of activities and I think enjoying the process of language learning is an essential part to be considered, otherwise it is just too boring to learn a new language. I've been trying to learn Swedish just by memorizing words and learning grammar, I could easily understand and read the books but I could not talk to people, even if I put lots of time and effort on it.
I was born in Vietnam, so I never go to a school which have timetable like this. When I read this timetable I feel oh! The pupil in England is very lucky. They have many extracurricular activities. Such as excursion to local castle, football tournament, talent show, mountain biking, etc... Moreover, they can learn swimming, circus, art, etc.... In Vietnam, the school rarely have extracurricular activities. When my school have extracurricular activities, my parents have to pay more money for that. So, I'm so excited to go to the school like this.
Yes, I like this timetable bacause learning english becoming joyful and not boring
Yes, i love it, because i want to improve my English, and it's wonderful program where we can do a lot of activities.
As international students, these learning styles are familiar with them. But we have still far tho we want to learn with a lot of activities.Anyway, I love these kind of learning.
I like this school especially the timetable bring joyful activities and it gives wonderful experience.
It is so busy time with this timetable, but I feel that it is so amazing. Have a good day to all of you.
I wouldn't go to school like this because it's too tiring. But I got good tips on how to learn English well after reading the study time table. So the first and the major part on learning English are vocabulary and grammar and don't forget to test your level, those are the foundation. The second is skill that consist of speaking, reading, listening, and writing. For skill, you emphasise on speaking and don't forget to test your progress. Language is for communication and discussion with other people. You have your skill: speaking, reading, listening, and writing, especially speaking. So, do project with other people/project class on most of the time of your study. Then support your study with Games with English and watching Dramas and/or Cinemas also do theater trip. Language is part of Art, Culture, and History. So you it would be better if you learn art, go to museum, castle, historical culture center like London and Oxford as well as you watching drama/cinema/theater. Sports, talent show, and disco will help you to refresh your mind while improve your competitive but also social side of you.
Yes, it would be so cool and useful for me. Because I could improve my English and see a lot of new.
Yes of course i'w like to go to such schools cause i guess they are extra-ordinory , not boring and attrackt me to learn the language .. i hope that i can join to one ..
Yes, i would like to. Seeing as a foreigners it must be improve my english skill and also lots of positive activity will make everyones not boring
It looks like it's working properly now, seeing as an English course for foreigners.
I'd like to go to a school like this because there I can practice and improve my English.
I would like to go to a school like this. because skills,swimming and visiting a famous city.
I would like to go to a school like this bechause they have many activities to make and I can improve my english skills.
Yes, I would like to go to a school like this, it's very interesting. all of things have plan you know what plan do you have in during week and you learn English without fatigue.
Maybe when I was in school when I didn't work, now I would like to do other things in the summer time.
I like this school because studying to English happens in an interesting form
Why not? It's so fun to join this kind of a summer school. They have arranged the activities so neatly. It seems that nothing gets boring. Meanwhile, you can develop all of your English skills happily. The places they visit are wonderful too. You can also meet new people and share your ideas and thoughts. It automatically develops the speaking skill.
I like to go a school like this.Because they have good time table and i can manage my day well.
Of course i like it very much. There are many activities arranged in the study timetable. Not only the indoor courses but also outdoor courses can broaden our horizons. It must be very interesting and full-harvesting to join these subjects. Especially, joining these courses with foreign classmates can discuss what we think and share what we experience.
Yes, I would like it. Because with that timetable I could do everything I want to do, to know and to learn.
Hi, everyone! I wouldn´t like to spend much time at school. even though it has a lot of interesting subjects but I don't really like it.
I like to go to the school like this because it is well organized and students can visit local places.
music and dancing, i think that it is disco, so answer is Saturday. And going to see a play or show is Talent show---> Friday. Is it right?

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