Text messages to a friend

Read a text conversation between two friends to practise and improve your reading skills. 

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text

Hi Aziz! Are you there?


Hello? Hello?!?


Hi! I'm here! I'm here.


Good. smiley


What's up, Neira?


Would you like to meet for a coffee?


Yes! When?


I'm working now, but I finish work at five. Maybe at 5.15?


That's difficult for me. Can we meet 30 minutes later?


OK. Where?


The Blue Café is nice. I love the tea there. heart


It's closed on Mondays. Let's go to Rocket Boy. It's new.


Is it good?


It's very good!


Where is it? I don't know it.


It's next to the school. See you there?


See you there at 5.45!

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I usually meet my teacher in coffee at last day of week.It's a place pretty good for learning, researching and enjoy a little coffee after busily days .In this time, we sharing to ours life, technical and the career development

Where do you meet your friends? What time do you usually meet?

Actually I dont have any close friends and I didnt go for coffee and tea with anyone.

Where do you meet your friends? What time do you usually meet?
I often meet my friend at coffee shop - a warm place with music and outside view.
My friend specially love going to the coffee shop in rainy day. I think it's a wonderful experience when staying in the warm and full of light place enjoying hot coffee while it's cold and wet outside. So peaceful!


I often meet my friend in the weekend because I work all the week 14 hours per day

I often meet friends in restaurant to have some nice meal or the mall or even the cafe (depend on which friends)

Where do you meet your friends? What time do you usually meet?
I often meet friends on weekend, because at the time we will have many times to talk.

i often meet my friends at a coffee shop or a food store, we usually meet each other after school time or free time because at that time we will have many times to talk.

i meet my friends in a park close my house, we meet usually at the nigth at 23:00 o'clock, we talk and smoke cigarette, we talk about the life and about how the studies are going, olso about what we gonna do at the weekend and where are the parties, or if we are going to the beach.

I often meet my friends in a nearby cafe. It always after work as it is the only time we are free. We generaly enjoy talking differents topics from work to relationships
I meet friends in tea shop or bar. I usually meet friends in tea shop where we enjoy hot tea and Samosa. I usually talk informally. Since covid I could not meet my friends. I'm in home isolation. I met my friends on zoom where we talk about study related things.
I meet my friends at home usually. It is more cheep and fun, though we are visiting "Mama Rome" there is good pasta.
I usually meet my friend in spare time, too difficult for us to connected our free time. and we always meet in market or plaza mall so we can shoping together.
I often meet with my friends in bars or restaurants near to the job. We went out when there was a celebration for a birthday, christmas, or any special event. Now, We don't go out because this places are blockdown for the pandemic.
I usually meet my friends in a cafe or a restaurant. lunch time, coffee time, evening, mid night anytime we want but not early moning.
Well, I eventually meet my friends at the bar or my house. The perfect time for everybody is at night around 20:00, because we can eat together.
I usually meet with my friends near the school or the principal park's neighborhood. We usually meet around 2 o'clock in the afternoon
I met my friends once a week. We prefer cofe bar. We Usually meet in the evening.
Hello my name is Alma Delia. I usually meet my friends on Sunday nights at 8pm. The meeting is at my house and we eat tacos or pizza, we drink coffee and we talk our anecdotes of the day.
Usually I like to meet my friends in a restaurant and we like to meet at night, between 9:00 and 10:00 pm.
I meet my friends at my house because we have pajama parties on Saturdays. The sleepover in the Meet app.
I usually met with my friends on weekends, but due to the covid, we only spoke by phone call in the afternoon.
I meet my friends between week sometimes we meet in my friend's pizzeria, other times we go to another friend's house to make sleeping or see movies. It is always at night at 8:00 pm.
I meet my friends when their birthdays have, and also my birthdays. We usually meet before 8:00 p.m.
I met my friends at school, currently my friends from the normal school do not see them due to the pandemic however my friends from the previous schools I sometimes see them at home or at my house.
Before I used to meet every day with my friends in the university cafeteria, but now we cannot meet because of covid-19. Now, I always meet them online via meet app.
I usually meet my friends in the park in the afternoon after school. Now because of the quarantine we talk on WhatsApp.
I met my friends in my childhood, that is to say in elementary school. We usually meet once a year, and we watch movies but we also share our anecdotes. Disputing the food and flavored water made by my parents.
Hello! I hope you are all well, I want to share how I am coping with the pandemic that everyone is going through. I haven't seen my friends in over 8 months, and I stopped talking to them, I really have a lot of things to tell them, we have stopped talking for a while. But not all is lost, a week ago I visited my best friend from Teree High School, it was her birthday party and my classmates were there. It was so much fun to meet so many of them!
I meet my friends at Starbucks, usually at 6 pm when we finish work, but now I meet them over the phone due to the quarantine