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Best Body Fitness

About us

You don't want just a gym membership. You want a membership that means something. And that means you need support, expert help and a community.

Best Body Fitness isn't just a gym: it's a full-service fitness membership made for you.

Here's how it works:

STEP ONE: Your assessment

We begin with an assessment session. This is a chance for you to see what we do at Best Body. Our assessment plans are no-cost and no-risk. We'll also make a training plan specifically for you.

STEP TWO: Your training

When you decide to become a Best Body member, we show you what to do, how to do it and why you are doing it. After a few sessions with an expert private trainer you will feel comfortable working out on your own. But don't worry, we'll always be nearby if you have questions.

STEP THREE: Your membership

Membership works on a month-to-month basis. There are no sign-up fees and no cancellation fees. Start and stop whenever you want. And the best part? Our fees are the most competitive in the whole downtown area.

STEP FOUR: Your community

At Best Body Fitness, we see everyone as part of a big team. And when you work with a team, you can do great things. Join any of our specialised classes, led by expert instructors. Come to our nutrition classes. Participate in our regular social events. Everything is included in your fee.

Finally, we wanted to share with you some reasons why our members say that they have chosen us over any other fitness centre in the city.

It's so EASY

  • Easy to start, stop, cancel or refund a membership
  • Easy to access – we're open 24/7, we never close
  • Easy to do exercise – we have lots of equipment, no long wait
  • Easy results – our trainers and equipment give you success, fast
  • Easy to find – in the centre of town, near public transport and with parking


  • Wonderful members
  • Wonderful trainers and staff
  • Wonderful equipment
  • Wonderful energy
  • Wonderful location

Come and visit us for a personal tour!

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I joined a gym club about seven years ago, I would like the running instruments, it's comfortable and useful. after that I practiced walking exercise and running sometimes, now with Coved19 lockdown I practice exercises at home with my family.
I don't like going to the gym, I've tried it once but I hated it. I feel so bored doing the same things again and again, it is an awful routine. You can be healthy by doing some interesting exercises and sports and following a healthy regimen. I don't know why men want to build big muscles and women want to have actresses' body shape. They spend most of their time reshaping their body in spit of reshaping their souls and thoughts by reading and doing good things.
In this case, I have never gone into a gym; therefore, I don't have special information about a gym, its equipments, activities and so on. By studying above, I think there are something important things which can help everybody to success fast. The assessment session, plans for training, private instructors, having flexible time, lower cost, starting and cancelling without any charges and so on are the tips that I think are very important. Regards,
Unfortunately, I stopped going to a gym during a quarantine. I'm trying to exercise without machines.
When I was a high school student, I used to go to the gym in a local community center with my friend. Especially, I like running machine because I can run at my own pace while listening to music. When I feel tired, I can rest and talk with people who have same goal. It is a good point of gym. Training is a little hard, but the time spent with people who are training hard bring us a positive emotional effect.
I haven't gone to gym before.If I went to gym, I would try many training equipments. But, gyms in my city are expensive and close at fixed time. So, I want the gym to open 24 hours a day and reduce the cost. I am a college student. college students are very busy to do a lot of things. For example, take classes, work a part-time-job, do the homework and so on. And college students have a little money. I think if these are realized, we can go to the gym anytime we want and reduce the burden of life. And it's easier for college students like me to use the gym.
I have never gone to a gym before, So I have no idea about gym. I actually want to go to a gym. But I have some imege it cost a lot. And it might be hard to go to a gym for undergraduate like me. Anyway I think it's most important thing is to keep going on a diet than quality of training, wonderful equipment or Wonderful trainers and staff. So I want to go to a gym without worrying about the cost. If i couldn't make results, I think I going to to really regret having wasted my money. That's why I would focus on cheapness.
I like to go to the gym, because there are a lot of possibilities to move. If we want to be healthy, it's good to have sport in a gym. I like many sessions, because I have the chance to know new people there. My favourite session is yoga.
if i started to go to gym ill definietly love the kind of gym that we can not only do the bodybuilding stuff,but also the kind of gym that have a in door footbal pitch because i used to love playing football and i havent played football in 2years. and also the air circulation is one of the important thing for me. i hate to do push ups or weightlifting in a room that running ac on.it will make me fell unconfourtbal because of the cold air from the ac is just unconfortbal. a gym should not run ac but only fans ,the air circulation inthe room must be natural in my opinion.
Although I do not practice a lot at the gym, the most thing I like in it is the specialized classes such as the balance and the yoga classes.
New gyms opened one from another last year because people cared much about health-conscious. This year, gyms are closed due to the same reason.
I have never been to gym before, so I do not know what equipment or services there are. I think it important things at the gym. First, there are instructors. We do not know what to do the first, when we want to train our body. So, if we have our own instructors, l ask them what to do and I learn how to exercise. Second, The gym opens 24 hours a days, 7 days a week. If we have a lot of task at our company or take care of our children, we don’t have enough time to go gym. Even if we go to the gym. But, it never close, we go to anytime we want to go. These things is important. In addition, I want the gym to have a system where I can play my favorite music.Music makes me happy or relaxing. It also leads to my motivation and self-confidence. I want to go to the gym through this passage.
The most thing I like in the gym is doing exercises on the walking machine and playing Zumba.
I've worked out such kind of gym as the flyer said. I got many advantages not only for my fitness but also for my mental desire. Every time I've done exercises in the gym, I feel refresh and have a sharp mindset to face tomorrow greatly. So, based on my experience, I want to suggest to you that if you have a chance to join a gym, grab your chance quickly. But you need to choose the perspective gym properly.
I have never gone to any gym before. So, I don't really know what I would like to do in the gym. I think the gym is good place to train ourself with very good atmosphere. And it also can make us healthier and stronger. If I go to do training myself it is so bored. Then, in the gym I can make a lot of friends and train together. I hope I could go to the gym someday.
I have attented a gym for a month and it was quite well, especially Zumba was my favourite session, it really helps in getting rid of negativ energy
I haven’t been to the gym yet, so I’d like to go. I think it’s attractive to be able to train in the rain without worrying about the weather at the gym. And it’s good thing to be able to ask the instructor when I need advice on training. Some gyms have personal training gyms that provide one-on-one instruction, so I’m curious. Also running with listening to music outside is dangerous, but at the gym, I can do that without worrying about it. In this way, there are so many benefits in the gym, so I would like to go someday.
I have never gone to a gym before. So, I have no idea about a gym. If I'm about to go to a gym, I would hope to focus on training. A little talking is OK, but I wish them just being on a training . And I don't care whether a instructor be with me. what would I like most is atmosphere that makes positive mood.
I do little exercise, so I would like to join as a membership of this gym in order to move the body lightly. It is difficult for students who have many classes to go to the gyms. Because nowadays there are many gyms where we have to pay sign-up fees or cancellation fees. But the best thing about here is that there are no these fees. And it is operated seven days a week, so they can use free time to drop in the gym. For these reasons, I want to be a member of this gym. I have the expert make my training plan, I want to build up and refresh here.
I have never gone to any gyms. So, I don’t know what I would like most in a gym. But I think the gym is a good way to stay healthy and refresh in my mind or something. I usually go a walk or run when I want to change my feelings, but I can’t do that if it’s raining or it start to rain. So, sometimes I think I wish I could go to the gym. Because at the gym, I can do exercises even if it’s raining or it start to rain. This is an attractive thing of it. And I would like to go to the gym someday.
I haven't been doing any decent exercise for about a year, so maybe I should become a Best Body member.I have never been to the gym but they will teach from scratch and always be nearby if I have questions so, I don't have to worry. However, it's lonely to go alone so I have to find someone to go with me. I hope to be able to find someone as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to changing my body to best body. I will make a lot of friends, work hard together, and do my best for my health.
I guess this task does not work properly and I cannot see anything in the part of "Reading text" except for a picture.

Hello Anatoliy,

Thanks for flagging this problem. I think we have fixed it now so the page should be working properly. Please let us know if you have any further problems.



The LearnEnglish Team

I have attended only two months at a gym. But I was not satisfied with them. In the my first visit, they said that like this passage's definitions. But the truths I faced wasn't such as their sayings. There was at all any park zone, there was only sometimes a instructor in the gym. There was no human to show your traninig or to ask any questions. So, finally I don't believe like this flyers. They are generally interested with money.
Hello. Actually, I would like to wish a gym like the most people. I know that the physical exercises at gym are important for muscle growth but they are repetitive and massive. However when I went to the gym, I liked the dance classes e others with movement.
Hello! Three weeks ago I decided to go to the gym. My first impression was very good. I was glad to do it. After that I bought a month membership program with my friend. We always visit t he gym together. The fisrt benefits of this fitness center is the best insructors they are every time ready to help you. One of them makes me a training plan specifically for me. Also there are many other sectors whereyou can be a member like a nutrision and yoga zones.
My wife and I go to a gym three times per week and I can say that it is perfect opportunity for our mind to refocus our attention on something more relaxing and funny, moreover, it is absolutely great for our health. That is the main point what I like in a gym.
I like the atmosphere of the community. At the gym, you meet people and make connections. The gym helps us to practice other sports such as swimming.
I like to be with myself and listen to music; but speaking in serious, I don't like going to the gym because I prefer to bike.
I love to go to the gym, and go to it everyday. Firstly, I warm up with treadmill for 5 minutes. Secondly, I do some particular exercises such as lift the dumbbell, push up, crunches, hiit.
I really enjoy going to the gym and I do it 3 or 4 times per week. I would like most if there are some extra classes, with spinning or some kind of dance.
I haven't ever gone to a Gym. Although i know go to the gym is a good idea and its good for our health, a gym is far from me and i'm quite lazy to go.
Hi Guys, In my opinion, the gym is a good idea in places where the weather is rainy, windy and cold. In this case I prefer to stay indoor and exercice through the wage range of actvities that a gym offers. In places when the weather is good, I would rather enjoy in open spaces, runnig hiking and walking around and exercice with natural resources. Regards
Fisrtly i would like to be led by an expert on the first hand. Secondly i would like have access to the gym anytime i want.
What I would like most is participating in all the training and other inclusive services attached to the fee.
Hi, I have one ask. Task 1, question 7: "The gym is open at 4 o'clock in the morning." it's a false, why this answer is wrong?

Hello Justy

The flyer says 'Easy to access – we're open 24/7, we never close'. Therefore, it's true that the gym is open at 4 a.m.

Does that make sense?

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

First thanks so much for all lessons that you offer for us. Its true to find a gym neraby its very good idea, specially if its have a different equipements that help to do a lot of exercices of fitness, then if there is a trainer who led my work that certainly help me to have the best body.
I have lost my trust some how on the tasks! Task 1, question 1: The first visit to the club is free. (It doesn't exist in the text) Question 2: Everybody gets the same training plan. (It should be true)

Hello Zabihullah

I'm sorry you lost your trust! I hope it is restored with these explanations:

Under Step One, it says the first step is a visit for an assessment session, which is no-cost. That means it is free.

In Step One it also mentions that everyone will get a personalised training plan -- this is why question two is false.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

I like developed equipment and expert trainer for practicing the exercises and ofcourse a good music.
I think it's the perfect gym. I would like to have it because it's difficult to find a gym with someone who determine and follow a specific plan. And it's too expensive to have a personal coach. It's a good compromise if, as said in the flyer, fees are not expensive. However, i think that it's would be difficult for the gym to include all these adva tages at this price.
I think it’s too hard to find a suitable gym, specially if you are looking for good fitness and nutrition training, since fitness without good nutrition is very useles.
well, I'd like a gym close to my house. I prefer a gym with a flexible schedule. It will be confortable and it has to have a great team fo trainers.
I would like to go to a gym that has fresh air conditioner, wide area and standard health certification
I stop going to gym. I used to go morning walk and gym in evening, but now my office start 7.30am so do not get enough time to go gym. Though, i get up 5.30 am in the morning, its not much time to exercise. I do some free hand exercise and skipping for nearly 10 minutes twice in a week.
In my opinion is really important to have nearby competent instructors, who can help us to known own bodies and to improve in each session.