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An end of term report

Read an end of term report to practise and improve your reading skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text

Southwestern University

Candidate's surname: Martella
Candidate's first name: Javier
Student number: 15604088-B
Academic year: 2019–2020
Course: English Basics 2
Term: 3 (final)

Mark breakdown

Skills/Area Maximum mark Pass mark Mark obtained Pass/Fail
Reading 20 10 15 P
Listening 20 10 8 F
Writing 20 10 14 P
Speaking 20 10 17 P
Grammar/Vocabulary 20 10 11 P
TOTAL     65 P


Well done, Javier, on all your hard work this term. You are always active in speaking activities, and this is great. I always enjoy reading your writing too; you have very good ideas. You can see from your marks that reading is not a problem for you.

Sometimes you still make small grammar mistakes, and I think you can improve your vocabulary. I recommend you review many of the language points we studied this term. There is extra language practice in your online workbook.

The area you need to work on the most is listening. I know this is difficult for you. I recommend more practice at home. Listen to English TV shows, podcasts and radio as much as possible. I can give you a list of things to listen to.

I've enjoyed working with you. Have a nice holiday, and good luck for next term!

Instructor's name: Erin Gibbs

Signed: Erin Gibbs



Nivel de idioma

Pre-intermediate: A2


I don't think that my last report is good.
To begin with, I'm poor at writing English. So, to be honest, I wonder if the sentences that I write are correct. In addition, there are quite differences between English and my mother tongue.
Therefore, It is difficult for me to write English.
But I'm interested in English. So, I want to try to make efforts to be able to write English well.
For instance, these days I try to watch videos with English subtitles, and practice writing English.
Maybe it takes a long time to be accustomed to writing English, I want to keep doing them.

I couldn't be satisfied with my last report because the result was not good. But, I can find what I should improve. It is listening skill . I don't have many opportunities to listen to English in my study. I want to increase opportunities to listen to English. For example, watching a movie in English, listening to English song and singing English song. I think it is experience that I become good at listening to English. I want to improve it and give good result next report.

My last report was not so good.
I'm not good at listening and speaking. Listening is very difficult for me because the speed that English is spoken is so fast. I can’t understand and keep up with it. To improve my listening skill, I watch foreign movies and listen to Western music. I watch foreign movies with subtitles so far. I would like to be able to watch it without subtitles someday. I'll try to improve my listening skill more for that. Speaking is difficult, too because pronunciation is my weakness. I haven’t been practicing speaking English enough. Therefore, I can’t say what I want to say in English. I would like to improve this skill by speaking with foreigner.

I'm not good speaking English. I forgot the vocabulary in public so I began to online English conversation. There are a lot of good points. First, I learn practical word. Second, I have a native person adapt so I feel not nervous. There is another good points.
I recommend an online English conversation. Because I study English in online English conversation every day. Thank you.

Hi everyone. In this case, I haven't had any examination for two years. Now I am working on English by myself. But, I think I have a lot of problems with listening and writing. Because there is no one to help me, for example, who check my mistakes and recommend for. I also have the same problem with speaking, because I don't have a partner to practice with.
After quarantine, I will get a good course, but if you know better tactics in this time, please suggest me.

My last report was very good, I got the best marks in the class

Hello am a new
My earea that needs more practice
Reading and writing

i worst at speaking and listening skills. maybe this is the biggest problem that non-native english deal with. anyone who feel the same too?

My last report is not too good like my english, espesially speaking. maybe because i haven't friend to talk in english.

In English everything is difficult for me, mainly speaking and listening, that's why every day I practice English to improve