A text message invitation

Learn how to write a text message invitation to a friend.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.

Reading text

Hey! Want to meet for a drink after work?


Cool, what time do you finish?


Late as always crying


Me too. Msg me when you leave


OK. Where do you want to go?


IDK. I might be hungry tho


Good point.


I'll think of somewhere to eat.


I know what you're like when you're hungry! wink


LOL, I'm not that bad!


Don't worry. We can meet at the bus stop and decide then.


yes See you later



  1. You don't need to write complete sentences.
  2. You can use abbreviations like LOL (= laugh out loud) or IDK (= I don't know) to save time.
  3. Use emojis smiley to add feelings.
  4. You don't need to use full stops (.) at the end of messages.
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Even though there are a lot of communication ways I would like to speak way face to face when ı invite a friend for meet. Because when a person texts me or ı texts another person, there is a possibility of misunderstanding. Although we are using a lot of emojis when a person reads the sending message person could understand it wrong that's why ı prefer to speak on the telephone.

Sometimes I just want to text a lots to the one who I love the most among my friends when I feel lonley.Most of the time I just text my friend to make a plan or chilling at the outside.

Do you send lots of text messages or do you prefer to speak to friends to make plans?
It depends on situation. If I know that my friend is occupy, I prefer send text message. Make a plan by talk better than text Msg. according to me :))

I use messages, emojis, and abbreviations more than phone calls I don't know why but that's how I'm.

Do you send lots of text messages or do you prefer to speak to friends to make plans?
Yes, of course. Sometimes I send text messages to my friends. But I am not very familiar with abbreviation or emojis. I need to read others' message more.

sometimes i use abbreviations such as: lol, idk to save time when i msg with my friends

When I was a teenager, I loved send a lot of messages to my girlfriend, friends and family. I didn't like speak. Now, I prefer call with phone, because I usually driving car and phone conversations are the best way for me.

LOL I generally make a plan but when we are meeting I cancel it. I often use emojis if they are suitable for my situation. Nearly every using these I check which is new. IDK I really like emojis. I have some friends who use correct language and obsessed with it. The quick way is sending voice message.

In these days I think everyonde sends more messages to make plans, because it is easier and faster. So my answer is more message to make plans.

Actually, most times, I prefer text messages but in some situations, u need to talk, but usually I use voice messages.

I don't like text a message because I can't find sincere .Idk I always prefer to speak to everybody.

Do you send lots of text messages or do you prefer to speak to friends to make plans?
I'd like to send message to making plan in the first. We can bring up primary ideas and when we got agreed, I'd prefer to speak and finalize them.

I prefer more call but sometimes I dont want to hear me and due to this I write text messages. For example when I am in school I or when I am home with my family I prefer to send text messages.

I don't like to send a lot of messages, but I prefer to send voice messages, it is easy and fast.

I prefer text messages as I can send whenever it is. Sometimes it's more easier to have conversation on social media than in person. We can even escape some of the awkward situation by the help of technology. Furthermore, it become more popular during the covid lockdown. Although we know we can't describe our full feeling with a message on the test sceen, we depend on the technology more and more these days.Who knows this will be the only kind of future conversation.

I prefer to speak with my friend because IDK actually what is my friend actually thinking if We text only.

i prefer text mesages to make plans because i am busy man. i no free time to go out with my friend.Mesage is so convenient, we can make plans online by calling, chatting together.

I prefere speaking to my friends to make plans in orther to know how they react with me...

I prefer to send text messeges to make plans. Because my friends are quite busy. They have to work and study all day so it is inconvenient to speak in person or call them. That's why I send them messeges and they can reply when they have freetime.

I would like to speak to friend to plan for meet. Message is very take time to answer. Speak to a friend is save time rather than waiting online for friend.

i think i prefer to speak to my friend to make plans because We can discuss it thoroughly and we can and we can avoid unwanted situations like " bể kèo" It is a word that is used quite commonly in Vietnam to say the case of not being able to go somewhere after a discussion

I prefer to talking to my friends in person to make plans because its nicer to combine it together, but usually we like to combine the details by message because is easier to remember and think about.

I usually text my friends, we prefer to send text messages because it is easy to answer because sometimes we are working or studying or making something else and when you call someone and you talk with that person, it is diffcult to attend when you are ao work or you are bussy.
I like to send full messages in my native language, but if we are talking about English I prefer shrinking text like using abbreviations, or emojis.
Actually, it depends on the situation. If I am busy, I prefer text my friends. It is because it is more flexible. People may not be free all the time, especially during the office hour. Therefore, sending text message to others is really very convenience. During the holiday, I prefer to phone my friends and we can chats for a while. Especially during this hard time of COVID-19, I seldom have gathering with friends and relatives. Talking through the phone is very important to me, since I think we do need to have interaction with others during our daily life.
I prefer to send a lot of text messages because idk if my friend is busy or not so massages give her more comfortable situation .
I prefer to speak because it is more comfortable for me, but I know that not everyone usually wears headphones and they are sometimes not in places where it is appropriate to listen to audio messages that is why I usually write
I prefer to ring someone, but usually is easier to connect to another guy by messages as someone could be at work or be simply busy.
Honesty I prefer speak to my friends before making a plan, as I know they're are stupid and they don't get it if I'll send a text message.
Depends on the situation. But it is much nicer to speak directly with our friends :)
IDK some time i send messages but didn't try to call me because iam most of the time Sleep LOL
First, I send a few messages just to know if they are OK with an idea or a plan. Afterwards, I usually make a call to talk about the details, calls are quicker and often avoid misunderstandings.
i prefer to send messages before speak to friends to avoid impressing situations with people i don,t know the well. Idk some times with close friends i just phoned them directly LOL .
Idk, it's depends of when and where is plan but always i prefer make plans in person and speak with my friends but it's true that always we make plans through wpp or msg
this is my conversation Hey, want to go to a bar with me? hiiiii, idk depends of hour mmmm nine or nine half past? oou yesssss jejeje i would like to go okay, around of 10 pm the band of my friends play a lot of songs of mi amigo invencible, i know you like that band ;) omg niceeeee! well, msg me when you are ready and i pick you up that’s sound good :) i will msg you, thanks :)
IDK, sometime I prefer MSG, but sometime call is well. It is depends on situation.
Normally I prefer talk than texts in my language but here in London where I currently live I prefer to send texts.